The Phantom Dog

When I talk about rescue I always make sure that my stories are as raw as possible. I talk about pee and poo and pet hair. I talk about all the destroyed stuff (RIP, my fav vintage clipon, the latest victim of Riso’s teething period). I am very careful not to give anyone the slightest idea that animal rescue is a walk in the park. Because it’s not. However, I try to concentrate on it’s positive side more for my own sanity. I try to share here the fun side because I belive in the power of it. I will never try to get your empathy complaining about how hard it is. It’s just not my style. I prefer to whistle past the graveyard, then being sad about things I cannot change anyway. But I’m afraid this might give you the wrong impression, the impression that it always ends well. And that each story, even the saddest ones have a happy end. It’s not like that. Really not.

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