I realized that I am not writing about anything else lately but dogs. πŸ˜… No #ammherbarium posts, no #amminsectariumm posts, no #ammhomeseries posts (yet there were some changes around our home I planned to share with you…) no #bunnybusiness posts (but yes, Mascara is still alive, he is thriving thanks for asking, the dogs didn’t kill him, we didn’t eat him, being “humanized” and living an indoor only lifestyle didn’t kill him…), no #ammrecipes posts (although I am still cooking and we are still eating, that didn’t change either…), nothing. Nothing but dogs. And maybe vintage clothes which help me trough my heartbreaks. Thank god I choose to write a personal blog and I am free to talk about anything that’s on my mind. It would be tragic to force myself to talk about other topics right now. I feel like it would kill me. Sometimes you gotta be thankful you don’t have campains and stuff. At least you’re on your own and you can talk about the things you have on your heart. 🀭

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