One can never own enough shoes. There’s always a new obsession, a trend you cannot resist, a perfect outfit which deserves a perfectly matching pair of shoes, an important event, a mysterious vintage beauty you can’t get out of your head, a love at first sight, a pair that you can finally afford now that it’s on sale, a pair that fits perfectly, like it was meant to be, a pair that has that exact color you’re so into lately, a pair that reminds you of that one you loved so much… You know.

Just NEVER enough!

The problem is that my love for fashion and animals don’t go hand in hand. Some shoes, many shoes, are made of leather. No further explanation needed. And besides that, I always feel bad when I buy something for myself that I don’t really need. And to be honest a 725273rd pair of shoes is never a question of life or death. So I often think that I could have helped an animal in need with the amount of money I spent on shoes. Again. Fast fashion items could be a solution for the financial aspect of the issue, as they are much more affordable, but the industry is bad for the environment and that affects animals directly. Complicated. But this is what being conscious means. It’s easy to ignore like half of the aspects of a certain issue and you know… just call fanatics all those who don’t. 😉 But ignorance will never solve the problem…

Unfortunately nothing really does solve the problem. Not like 100%. But at least I have found a healthy balance. The silver lining.

First I stopped buying new shoes made of leather. There are plenty vegan leather options and various other materials like jelly shoes which are one of my personal favorite of any alternatives.

Then, I figured that you can transform fast fashion items into slow fashion items. Well… Kinda. Fast fashion is bad, no joke. I’m not saying it’s not, and if you can avoid it completely go for it! But, fast fashion brands, you see, usually won’t use leather leather, they’ll prefer the most cheaper (and also cruelty free) ecological leather instead, which is certainly a good thing regarding our cause. If you set your eyes on a new pair of shoes, but the brand that made the original design doesn’t offer a vegan option for you, don’t worry! Fast fashion brands will sooner or later offer you that chance. For half the price, so you can save some money for dog food too. But what then? You finally bought those shoes you wanted soooo much, they’re all vegan, and cool and so perfect so you start wearing them and then… You’ll have to throw them away after like 2 months, because fast fashion stuff are shitty quality? Yes, they are. They’re shitty. But you can make them last longer. You can slow down their lifespan by… buying more! Now I do realize that this might sound stupid and not sustainable at all. But it actually works. Think about it!

I used to save my money for months so I can buy a high quality pair of shoes. Then I used to wear that pair exclusively (because I only had that one as I obviously couldn’t afford a second pair) for as long as it lasted. First it is boring af, and no matter how good quality those shoes are and how much money you spent on them, they won’t last forever. Especially with a lifestyle as active as mine. And especially in this era of consumerism, in which everything was designed with a very short lifespan. Otherwise we wouldn’t keep buying all the stuff they want us to, and that would be a disaster. Unfortunately times when you bought something which then you could use for many many years are gone. So gone! Even high quality today isn’t the same quality it was in the past.

So fast fashion is shitty. But so is everything else. And the only thing that worked for me shoe-wise is owning multiple pairs. And because I’m not that rich (and even if I was, I have other priorities like rescue), I can’t afford buying multiple pairs of designer shoes and other fancy brands, so a big part of my collection are fast fashion shoes. 🤷🏼‍♀️ However, it’s good for my looks. And for my bank account. And they’re all made of vegan leather and other alternative materials. And they don’t last just one season as I have plenty to choose from and don’t have to wear them day after day, all day long, non f*cking stop until they’re simply dead.

I also keep buying second hand shoes. Because I believe in the quality of all vintage items. You know… from before consumerism. When things were designed and made to last.

And this is how collecting shoes isn’t just an obsession anymore, but it’s a necessity. This is how buying more, is sometimes a lot more sustainable than buying less. Strange, but true. 🤷🏼‍♀️


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