Do you know the feeling when your life suddenly feels like the domino effect? It only takes one event, one little thing to set off a chain of similar events. Unfortunate events.

Each time something bad happens, you can be sure something else will fallow. It usually happens when you’re like: What could be worse?! A naive question, that will ALWAYS be answered. Just ask that, and in no time, you’ll KNOW what can actually be worse. Be patient. The answer is on its way, just wait for it.

For us, it all started when Pesto got hurt during a walk. It was nothing, but he scared the shit out of us as he was bleeding like never before. The day after, Mascara stopped eating. It was “nothing” just some urinary infection kinda thing. Anyway, when your rabbit stoppes eating you think about the worse so it’s always a big deal. The next day Erno found a 6 weeks old puppy…

Pesto was still bleeding occasionally. Mascara was still not eating on his own. So I was worried af while cleaning pee and poop from all over the place. Bonus, this little guy is almost the same size as Frizz. The same size Riso was when he was like 3,5 months old. So we are apparently raising the last mammoth alive.

He managed to piss Pesto off somehow and got bitten on his face… Another emergency in like how many? 5 days? Maybe 6? Honestly I already lost count.

Meanwhile Peach, one of our lovebirds, had an epileptic seizure or a stroke. We don’t know yet for sure. And that was just the beginning of our private horror show of last week. The week that we ended with a funeral…

Is it over yet, you ask? Idk. As we started this week with a LOVELY Monday. First the power fell, then Vilma, our robot vacuum cleaner found an abandoned baby dog poop and made sure that EVERYTHING would be covered with it. πŸ‘€ On Thuesday we had a sink full of dirty dishes and no water, and an awful day all in all. And so it goes on.

I won’t ask what could be worse. I know better already, but I keep wondering if this is all real. Did these shit really happened to us?..


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