Great News

I bet you hoped it’s a pregnancy announcement, but it’s not. I said great news, but what I meant was great news on sustainability. And having kids is like the least sustainable thing to do. No offense mamas, so are pets. πŸ˜… Very unsustainable, so… Who am I to judge? But no. It’s still not the news you were hoping for. However, it’s great news for me, for you, and for our planet so keep reading.

March. One of my favorite months actually. The first month of spring. Always full of hope. Always a new beginning. And somehow this year, also full of GREAT news.

1. On the 9th of March 2021 Garnier announced that it has received the Cruelty Free International’s Leaping Bunny approval. ON ITS ENTIRE GLOBAL PROTFOLIO!!! How cool is that?! My favorite hair colour is now 100% cruelty free. Truly cruelty free! Not tested on animals (not the final products nor the ingredients they use to make it), and not even available anymore in the Countries where animal testing is required by law, like China. So unless you live there, it’s the best news ever!

To celebrate this I’ll finally get my shit together and write about my hair colouring routine. So stay tuned! (I learned from the best, and I’m so going to give you credit, gorgeous! Just for you to know, in case you are reading). πŸ˜‰

2. On the 15th of March 2021 an awesome blog has been launched. It’s called The Moral Wombat, and it will hopefully inspire lots of you to make baby steps towards a better future for all of us living on this planet. So go follow it and start being aware of how ignorant you actually are. πŸ˜…Also start changing that, because that’s the whole point, and it’s not rocket science as you’ll soon learn. It’s really just one step at a time. BUT, I’ll let Alexandra explain you that, you go girl!

3. On the 18th of March H&M will launch the Science Story collection, which will be part of a series of collections called Innovation Stories dedicated to promoting a more sustainable fashion. I know it’s just a tiny tiny step, but it IS a step. I do realize that this won’t change the fact that H&M is a fast fashion brand. I do realize that there is all this marketing going on behind these projects, yet I am more than ready to own my first pair of shoes made from plant-based leather (obtained from organically grown cactus) and I am so excited about it.

What makes you excited about this spring?


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