Lately the chaotic twin has been in charge.

I wasn’t organized at all. I couldn’t concentrate. I’ve been so unproductive that it hurts… literally. It’s not that I don’t have ideas. I have ideas, actually I have more then ever. But I just couldn’t find the strength nor the time to realize any of them. I want to do this and that, and then I want to do something else. I begin this, I begin that, and then I begin something else. Hundreds of things at a time and I end up finishing none. I have like 5 half-finished projects. Like instagram reels that couldn’t be posted because I forgot to shoot one last clip and this way it makes absolutely no sense. Or a nice article I couldn’t publish because I forgot to take pictures during the event or whatever… Or a couple of super cool pictures I can’t post because my lazy ass wouldn’t finish the article already, and I can’t just post pictures.

It isn’t easy to be a gemini, you see. Especially not when my ocd twin, the productive and super organized one is on holidays. Or God knows where else. If you can read this, wherever you are, whatever you do pls hurry. You’re needed so come and save us!

Anyway, while I’ve been struggling with my chaotic imaginary-twin who took control, I accidentally found my long lost twin. πŸ‘€ Not the ocd one I’ve been looking for, tho. But a REAL twin. Not real-real, as we’re obviously not sisters. But an actual human being. A person who looks like me, dresses like me, collects berets, wears funny glasses and crazy shoes.

And now, before you might think I’ve completely lost my mind, let me show her to you. Click here. You need to see this with your own eyes.

She’s obviously a lot more famous and a lot more rich and maybe a bit more colorful. I mean… Thank god. πŸ˜… Because it’s weird enough anyway. The whole thing is totally freaking me out, so even if I would love to be more famous, and rich and even more colorful I am really glad there are some differences as well.

What do you think? Do we look alike?


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