Fashion in Cluj

Cluj might seem like the center of the universe for so many of you but it’s really not. I never understood why people love this city so much. I was born and raised here, so even if it’s shitty I suppose I should love it just for the sake of it. Idk… People are often very biased with their hometowns. Obviously I’m not.

There are parts I like, of course. I can sometimes see beauty in things others can’t. Or won’t. I can get lost in the details and forget for a second or two all the horrible things I got from this rotten city…

I got beautiful buildings being forgotten, destroyed, or “renovated” in the most cheap and inappropriate way; ugly buildings being built technically everywhere, on every piece of free land, or land that can be freed up; tragically high prices; f*ckedup traffic; shitty sidewalks, and oh sush shitty people. With such limited minds. And a lot of bullying.

As a teenager, when I started to dress on my own I found it somehow intimidating. Then I got tired of this shit, and I started to dress in a very very boring way for a couple of years. You don’t really need to be fancy for being a nanny or rescuing pets or walking your dogs anyway, do you?

But I got bored of being boring so lately I’ve been playing around with outfits and stuff. And it feels so good! I love it. I love looking colorful and playful and exactly how I feel. But then I walk out into the world. And I get the same bullying all arund this fancy city of Cluj. 🤢 It makes me sick. Not intimidated anymore. But very disappointed that in 10 years nothing really changed. We still have the whistling dickheads, the honking idiots, the cool guys looking like shit but making fun of your outfit. How funny, right? The horny dudes, the envious girls who could kill you with their eyes so they can steal your boots, your bag AND your courage to wear them, because they obviously lack that. We still have all the staring and everything…

Get over it!!! Get the f*ck over it, people. If you want to be boring and look boring it’s a pity, but it’s of course your choice. But let others be fancy. Let others be fashion. Let others wear what the f*ck they want and don’t make them regret it. It’s none of your goddamn business. Look away if you don’t like it, watch and learn if you can, and be preoccupied with yourself instead of bullying others.


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