No, it’s not an #ammrecipes post. Not at all. So keep reading even if you’re not being uninspired about what to cook later today. Even if you’re not hungry. Because someone else is. Or was, and will be again.

This morning I got a call. It was about a cat. A cat that needed help. She was most probably poisoned… I didn’t get mad. I just did what I had to do.

It wasn’t my cat, I wasn’t even the one who found her so technically it wasn’t my problem, yet I couldn’t refuse to help her. It will surely cost me some time and some money. But to her, my refusal to help would have cost her life. Not less and not more than her life. When I made sure the cat is on her way to get the best veterinary care, I quickly arranged everything at home for the monsters and I left for work.

On my way I kept wondering about how strange life is. How for me this is a very ordinary Thursday morning but not so far from me a cat is fighting for her life. And God knows how many others. Animals and people. Doesn’t matter. For me a life is a life. And it has the same value whatever the species. Anyway, with those thoughts in my mind I asked Erno to stop somewhere so I can buy myself something to eat. I entered a small shop and picked up some bakery products for myself. Then I saw some very green and fresh parsley. I couldn’t help but pick two big bundles for Mascara. I love buying treats for the monsters. 🤍 I was already at the counter waiting to pay for the things in my basket when a little girl entered the shop and started to beg people to buy her food. Everyone refused. Of course they did.

We are so immune here in Romania. So immune to animals who suffer on the streets, being poisoned, being chased away, struggling to find shelter, food or affection… Who cares? They’re just animals after all, right? People often judge me. Because I choose not to be. Immune. To all those things. Why would you help animals when there are so many people in need, they ask. But the truth is, we’re also immune to a hungry 5 year old. She wasn’t an animal. She was a little girl. Just like yours. Who asked for food. Not money. Food. She could talk, people could understand her words yet decided to ignore her. Well, I couldn’t.

I asked her what she would like to eat. And she said pickles. I was sure she will ask for idk. Some sweets. A banana. Yoghurt. Something. Something I imagined a 5 years old would crave for. But she asked for pickles.

Pickles? I asked her surprised. Pickles, she confirmed. Very well then, let’s get you some pickles, I replied. And we went to find some. I asked her with what will she eat the pickles. As in if she had any bread or anything at home to eat them with. And you know what she said? She said “I will eat them with my brother, because he’s hungry too…” I felt something I can’t describe. I told her that in this case, we can buy something for her brother too. Anything she thinks he would love. She smiled. For the first time. Sure, she was wearing a face mask, but no mask can cover a child’s smile. So we also bought 4 tomatoes because she said that’s what her brother would like to eat. She actually asked for 2, but I let her pick 2 more also for herself. Thank you ma’m, she said. I think you’re right. I believe pickles and tomatoes go well together. We also bought a bread. Because I also thought a fresh bread would go very well with all that. I would’ve bought her the whole shop, I swear. I wanted to. Shopping with her was kinda fun to be honest. It was like we knew each other for years. But she said that it was enough. I couldn’t ask for more, because I don’t need anything else, she told me. And I couldn’t even carry more, she added. And she laughed.

The way she looked at me… like I was her fairy godmother, actually made me feel like I really was.

Princess Diana once said she will start to help animals when there will be no more people to help. I appreciate her dedication and her work. I really admire her. I always did. I’m a big fan, so don’t get me wrong. But I say I’ll start to help people when there will be no animals and kids suffering because of them. Seriously f*ck people! F*ck you, who poisoned that cat. And you, who abandoned her before she got poisoned. And all of you who said no to that little girl in the store this morning. Whatever the cause, you can always choose to be kind, and the only reason you choose not to be, is that you are shitty and ignorant. And selfish.

P.s. The cat died, in case you care.


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