I love pink, can you tell? πŸ˜… All its shades! From Strawberry to Magenta. They all make me so happy! So why not wear them together?

With dots. Because I also love dots. And with dogs. Because there’s no outfit complete without dogs or pet hair. Let it be pinky, and dotty and furry this time. 🩰🌸🧠

The whole outfit costed exactly 245 RON, but some of the items were purchased a loooong loooong time ago. Long before I was even born so. It could have costed more if I would have had to buy all the accesories myself. Beret is from Facebook Marketplace. It’s second hand of course, because whool. Blazer from Instagram from Vintage Architect, dress from the one and only Vintage Corner (actually the first vintage thing I ever bought online), dream boots from Dotty Ballerina and sunnies from Sinsay. I know, sooo fast fashion this one, but don’t worry I’ll make it slow. πŸ™ˆ (I plan to talk about this issue sometime soon). The earrings you might know already, they’re from my grand aunt. Scarf and bag from grandma, necklace from my other grandma. Aaaand about half of the dogs from Nuca. 🀣


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