4, 8, 14, 30

Numbers, just random numbers. Or are they?

Speaking about numbers, it’s actually the second time I write this article because I somehow lost the first one. But whatever. πŸ˜…

So 4. What about 4, you ask? Well 4 is how old Pesto is. He turned 4 exactly 8 days ago. 4 years ago the dog of my life, my dog of first sight, my soulmate, my eldest son was born. Where and how no one knows, unfortunately. I wish I knew him from the very beginning… But we found him only about 4 months later, and believe it or not, it took us like 4 more months to actually realize that we belong together forever.

That’s true. Pesto, just like all the others was, at the beginning, promoted for adoption. And honestly I also hoped that I will find him another foster too, because truth is, when we found him that wasn’t a good time for having a dog. Not even fostering, and especially not adopting. But some things in life just won’t go as planned.

A few days after we took him home he got really sick, was diagnosed with parvovirus and he was hospitalized for a while. Afterwards he had to be completely isolated from other dogs for like a month or so. When he got better we borrowed a camper van and went on our first adventure. We took him with us, of course because we still couldn’t find anyone else to foster him. Meanwhile, his forever family was preparing for his adoption, as we still tought that we could give him away. How silly! 🀭 After our summer holiday we actually traveled all the way to Switzerland, and then all the way back home with Pesto. Because we obviously couldn’t leave him there. I can still remember the night when on our way back home it suddenly hit me that we have a dog. An actual living dog, a REAL dog. πŸ‘€ I freaked out. And I kept turning around to check if he is still there, sleeping on the backseat. And he was. So peacefully!.. It melted my heart. I remember vividly how soft he was. Because I also kept touching him to ensure myself that he really is there. He really is back home with us. It’s not just a dream, Anna! I told myself. I was happy. So happy! But I was so f*cking panicked as well. πŸ˜…

The next morning at work I went directly to the HR office to quit my job. I said, I have no more time to waste working, I have a dog to raise now. They were sure I’m just kidding. I had to repeat that a ocouple of times until they realized I wasn’t. So I signed the papers. Oh how much I loved this dog already! And how much I hated that stupid job!

However I realized that it was my only chance to raise the perfect dog I had to. A dog who will accept all the pets we already have, and all the pets we will ever foster. A dog who will walk me down the aisle and help me raise my kids. And I must say, I did a very good job and I have absolutely no regrets. He IS perfect.

He accepted all our pets. He also shared his home several times with 8 of his friends, when they had to spend a few days or weeks at ours, while their owners were on vacation or simply out of town. In these 4 years, together we fostered 14 more dogs, and we ended up keeping one of them. And Pesto is the best big brother to baby Frizzante. We also fostered two other cats, and two other bunnies, and three other birds. He was patient and caring with every single one of our little guest. He welcomed with warm heart everyone who passed over our doorstep. Adult, child, human, dog, or any other species. He loves kids more than I do. πŸ˜… Even if they are not (yet) ours to keep. He did walk me down the aisle. And he took so good care of me each time Erno wasn’t home with us. He traveled with us to 8 countries so far. I wish I knew exactly how many miles… But I stopped counting. It would be just another random number on this list anyway. And no numbers, or words can express how much we love this dog and everything about him!

This year we decided to celebrate him together with his father, on his 30th birthday. And that seems just right. So thankful for all the aquarius’s in my life! Happy Birthday, babe & Happy Birthday to our sweet baby Pesto!


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