The Great Outdoors

Not sure when or why I started to enjoy winters this much. But I know it wasn’t so long ago, as I can still remember when I was just like everyone else who hates this season so much. πŸ˜‚

It might be because I am a dog owner now, and spending time outdoors with your dogs is like the best thing ever. So I’m kinda obsessed with spending time outdoors with mine, no matter how cold it is. 🀭 Or… it might be because I found the, I mean THE perfect solution to keep the cold away from me. And it’s vintage! And it also looks good! Say whaaaat?

However, this winter we spent a lot of time outdoors and there was not a single day when I was freezing, or feeling uncomfortable, or wishing for it to be summer again. Not while wearing my “scandalous” dog walking outfit. Aka one of my vintage ski suits. πŸ˜… Yep, that would be my little secret to survive the cold season.

This, people, is proof! Proof that the wannabe influencer I am today, inspired lots and lots of dog owners already. ✌🏻

Actually there is one thing I hate about being outdoors in bad weather, and that’s washing the dogs after every single walk. 😐 But, as we already know, summer can’t really fix that issue anyway. Remember how much rain and mud we had this summer? Do we really want that back? πŸ˜…

So… maybe that’s why I love these cold days so much. When everything is frozen, dogs are clean after each walk, and I have absolutely no excuse to stay inside and keep my ski suits on the shelf.

A few weeks before, one day we spent 12 hours outdoors. Not more, not less. Exactly 12 hours. And it was cold af. I know because my cheeks, the only uncovered part of me were burning from the cold of course.

Please don’t let the cold stop you from having the time of your life, with the dogs of your life, each day every day. 🀍 Life is too short to skip winters. Remember that. And let’s not forget that the time we can spend with our beloved dogs is limited so just don’t waste it. The great outdoors are calling!

Hop into something warm and see you outside! After a few weeks of mud and rainy days, I am planning to spend as much time in the woods this weekend as I can. However tonight I will let Erno walk the dogs. 🀫


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