Let’s play dress up – part 2.

Maybe you guessed, maybe you didn’t but the second outfit of this series is yellow. From head to toe. Well… almost. If the first one was inspired by ms Peach, my lovebird, this one was inspired by one of my favorite flowers, daffodils. Which has a yellow flower, but also a green stem, of course.

Nature is so inspiring. In so many ways! I remember that one year my mom made me a Snowdrop costume for Carnival. I loved it so much! I still think it fit me quite well. And one of the benefits of being an adult is that you don’t really need an occasion to dress up like a flower, do you? 🌼

This beret is from a SH store. One of the first items I ever bought for myself. I think I was in 9th grade or something. Honestly I have no idea how much I paid for it. But it surely didn’t cost a fortune if I could afford it. 🀭 The dress is about at least 30 years old. Maybe even more. And I got it from one of my mother’s friends about the same time. Which is… uhm. Let’s see. 2008? Perhaps 2009… However. A loooong time ago. But some pieces are timeless, aren’t they? (I usually wear it with its back in front just like I did here. This is how I wear low-cut dresses because I really don’t like to expose my chest). Earrings are from the same SH store as the beret. But I bought them like 5 years later. Maybe 6. However, also a long long time ago. πŸ™ˆ And I have no idea what was their price. But again, if I could afford it as a student it was probably really cheap. The coat is from Zara. I found it on sale last winter when I was desperately searching for a decent coat for our civil ceremony. I wanted a white one, of course. But couldn’t find any. It’s really not the best idea to go wedding shopping like 24 hours before the event. Especially if it’s at the end of January and everything is on sale. Because people go crazy when they can get stuff for like half their price. I almost had to fight someone over a white pullover, and half of the stuff were sold out or there were only extra large sizes. BUT, I paid 150 RON for this coat, and I got all dressed up for my special day, so I guess it was all worth it after all. My coat was yellow, but who cares really. It looked quite good anyway. And I can style it even more often like this. The purse was a present from Vintage Corner. She sent it to me with one of my orders. One of my favorites at the moment. The leggings are new, I paid 50 RON for them. Bought them from an online outlet. And the sandals also vintage, obviously. I bought them from Siamezii Vintage Shop in 2019, for 50 RON. Since then, they also became priceless as Mascara singned them too. 🀣 Socks are from a friend because I couldn’t find any in this particular shade for weeks.

So yeah… here’s another nature inspired super cheap outfit. Can you guess the next outfit’s color? Come on, there’s still 9 to go. 🌈


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