Let’s play dress up!

People keep asking me why do I have so many berets. And I always reply that there’s no such thing as too many berets. One can never have enough berets, actually.

For the moment I own 11 berets in different colors, and my collection is constantly growing. I bought all of them from second hand and vintage shops because wool. πŸ‘ except the turquoise one, which I have since I was a child and I have no idea where it was bought from. Anyway I tought that maybe I could show you why I need so many in so many different shades. So I will start a series of 11 (or maybe more, who knows πŸ˜…) outfit posts to show you how I wear my berets.

This beret is from facebook marketplace. It cost around 30 RON, I think. The earrings are from my fav aunt, my grandmother’s older sister. She gave them to me when I was in high school, and she told me they’re out of fashion anyway, therefore she will never wear them again. πŸ™ˆ Thank god she has a better taste than I do, and I could have them. They’re still one of my favorite pairs. The shirt is from a vintage store from Instagram… It was on sale on Black Friday and I payed like 20 RON for it. The pants are from a second hand, they’re Zara and they were brand new, but they were also on sale. I paid 0,5 RON for them. I dont think I own anything cheaper than this. I mean… even bobby pins cost more. πŸ˜‚ The tights are from grandma, she bought them second hand. The sandals I found on sale at H&M like 2 years ago. It cost 100 RON. 90 something, to be more precise. Now they are priceless, because Mascara “signed” them. They are one of a kind, unique, limited edition, designer shoes, lol. The jacket is also from H&M, it cost 50 RON, because guess what. I also found it on sale, just before Christmas. Bag was on sale, too. It cost about 70 RON, but I honestly can’t remember were we bought it. It’s from last year, tho.

So yeah, it’s a very cheap outfit actually, inspired by mrs Peach my dear dutch blue lovebird. I know, right? πŸ˜‚ My green outfit inspired by a blue bird. Crazy. But actually baby Peach is pretty green.

P.s. Can you guess what color I will do next? 🌈


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