Choose the living fur

I love fashion. And I also love animals. Sounds familiar, right? I mean loving animals is kinda fashionable, isn’t it? But for me, it’s not just “omg, such a cute kitty” or “this bunny will look so good on my instagram feed” or “this dog will complete my outfits so well”. And 3 minutes later I’m eating meat and wearing fur. Nope. That’s not the kinda girl I am.

I’m the kinda girl who is not bothered by spiderwebs around her home. Who is actually quite amazed by them. They seem like a masterpiece, right? I mean… Have you ever taken a closer look? 👀 Spiderwebs are not dust, something that needs to be cleaned up asap, they’re art. And above that, they’re someone’s home.

I’m the kinda girl who will never try to catch flies around her apartment. Who will always try to save those drunk mosquitoes who accidentally ended up tasting her wine. 🤭 The kinda girl who will never be disgusted of cleaning the litterboxes, drinking water from the same bottle her dogs drank before, or picking up rabbit poo from her kitchen floor with her bare hands. No, I’m the kinda girl who can handle 3 dogs on high heels, and who’s never going to be concerned about a dog jumping up on her new coat, leaving their dirty footprints on it probably forever.

I’m the kinda girl who’s not just using the #adoptdontshop hashtag because it’s popular, but who really means it. Animals, in my opinion are not less than we are. As long as a living being is well… alive. It has needs, feelings and it has a life just as we do, for me they’re just like us. No differences at all. I guess I just can’t see them the way “normal” people do. They’re not food, nor decorations, nor something to wear or to buy. In any form. They don’t have a price, wether they’re dead or alive. They’re friends. They’re family. They’re tiny beings who we share the planet with.

As you might already know I don’t eat meat. Yes, I started this meat-free diet because of the health issues I had, and because it was recommended by a nutritionist. But over the years it became a choice. And I refuse to buy meat. For a couple of years now, if someone asks me to buy them meat, I simply won’t. I am sick of the questions and advices and everything, so I will simply say “I couldn’t find any”. Yeah, without looking. 😅 So don’t ask me to buy you meat. It’s not even worth the try. The only meat I buy is the dog and cat food my monsters eat. I know… it’s a bit f*ckedup. I do realize that too, so don’t even bother pointing it out. But they all have health issues and they all need special diets and stuff. And my number one priority is to keep them healthy, and this is the only way.

Also, I don’t agree with keeping birds or rabbits or anyone in tiny cages more than necessary. I’m pro cages, or whatever their safety requirements are, you might know that. But I don’t think that pets exclusively kept in cages as decoration are a good idea. They’re not, and I will keep telling that to everyone. So people alway say I’m mean. Oh well… I can live with that. But there certainly is a fine line between safety and responsability, and pets kept as ornaments. And that line shall not be crossed. Ever. There is no such thing as low maintenance pets. Only some species which can survive even if they’re neglected for longer or shorter periods of time. But keeping them alive is not enough. That’s not the goal. You should all keep that in mind. The goal is to have happy and healthy pets. Wether they’re dogs, or birds, or rodents, or fish. It doesn’t matter. They’re sharing their whole life with us. And we share a part of ours with them. So lets make all that time spent together worth it for everyone!

And last, but not least, I will never buy real fur. Ever. I have my own hair. And I’m happy with it. Actually, that’s a lie. 😂 I hate my hair. My whole life is a big bad hair day and it’s always so difficult. But anyway. Fur looks good. I also love fashion, remember? I have an eye, I can see how great it looks. But it’s still a dead animal’s hair. Besides that, what’s wrong with faux fur, really? It’s also cheaper and ethical and still looks good, so. Quite a deal I would say. So yeah, I choose the living fur. Always and furever. Weather it’s some cat hair on my sweater. Or a crazy colored faux fur coat. Because being kind is still not out of fashion, I hope?!

If you agree with me on this subject, at least partially, please take a minute and sign this HSI petition. Let’s start with baby steps, because you don’t have to change your whole mindset and lifestyle and everything overnight to make a difference. This could be a nice start.

Stella, the chinchilla from the pictures was our foster chinchilla in 2015-2016 during the winter holidays. 🤍 She was saved from a fur farm, and her name means “star”. Her owner told me that she named her like this, so she can shine over the other chinchillas, who are less fortunate, and who are still living in miserable conditions just like Stella was, waiting to be skinned for her goddamn fur… We loved her so much! She spent about a month with us, but we got attached. She was kind and just enjoying life, you know? Like everyone should. She wasn’t at all different than any other foster pet we have ever had. She was so cuddly and lovable. I couldn’t even imagine her living the “life” she used to… How can such horrors be accepted as normal?


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