Eat your pinks!

So here it is. The food I always hated. Or, at least, I thought so. Because I never actually tasted it. πŸ˜… It seemed so gross.

In my family it wasn’t a thing. I never even heard about it until Erno’s mom made it one day. And I was like nope, I’m sorry. I won’t eat such thing. Yet she used to make it regularly and the whole family was trying to convince me to try it. After like 2 years I gave up. And I tasted it. And surprisingly it was quite good. Tasted like chestnuts, which I really like. So I started to eat it, eventually. But without the fried onions on top because that still seemed a very bad idea.

Then one day, Erno accidentally put some topping on my dish as well. And those were the only two portions left. I had to eat it like that, or to eat something else. So I decided to eat it carefully, making sure I didn’t even touch the onions. That was quite impossible, of course. And I ended up eating (and loving!!!!) the topping as well.

One of my favorite foods ever since.

But I always struggled with the plating. Because ok, it tastes good, after all. But for me, food (and everything else) also has to look good. My mom’s pink pickles saved the day. I mean the plate. As always. I can’t imagine anything prettier then these tiny pink vegetables. πŸ™ˆ


300 gr of white beans

2-3 bay leaves



1 big onion

2/3 cup of sunflower oil

1 tablespoon of paprika powder


Soak the beans in a bowl of water overnight. Change the water in the morning. And then change it again in like an hour. Wait a couple of more minutes, then put the beans in a pot, cover it with fresh water, add the bay leaves and salt. Cook the beans. When they’re soft drain them and mash them with a mixer. Add more salt if needed, and a pinch of pepper.

Now that your mashed beans are ready, you can start to fry the onions. Cut the onion in slices. Heat the oil. Add the onions, and the paprika powder. Fry them until they’re soft and transparent, but don’t let them get crunchy. I mean I don’t like them crunchy. But if you do, feel free to overfry them. Serve it with pink pickles or with any pickles and with white fresh bread.

P.s: Don’t forget the secret ingredient. πŸ˜‰


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