Not so traditional tripe soup

Aka tripe soup without tripe. Aka tripe soup with oyster mushroom. Aka raw vegan tripe soup. Aka one of Erno’s favorite soups.

Even when I still was a meat-eater, because I wasn’t raised vegan, sadly, I could never eat tripe. I thought it was really gross. Honestly I don’t know why it felt normal to eat any other part of the animal, its legs, its back, its organs (Whatever. You get it, I hope. πŸ˜… So I will stop now before I trow up), but not its stomach . What was the difference really?

However, my mom really loved it, and I don’t remember she ever made it at home, but each time she had the occasion she ordered some. And we liked the liquid part so much we always asked for a few bites.

But this vegan version is just perfect. And it is not gross at all. πŸ™ˆ


1 lemon

300 gr of oyster mushrooms

1 big carrot (diced)

1 tablespoon of rice vinegar



Paprika powder

2 cloves of garlic

1 hot pepper, sliced

30 ml of oil

(Vegan) sour cream

Fresh white bread

Hot pepper

Cut the mushrooms and squeeze the lemon on top of them. Add salt, garlic, pepper and sweet paprika powder. Also add the oil and the hot pepper slices. Leave it covered for at least an hour, or during the night. Add hot water (around 1,5 l or less, but not more!!!). Add more salt if needed. Add the carrots and heat it up. Add the vinegar. Be careful not to boil it, you want to keep all the tastes and vitamin as they are. Serve it with (vegan) saur cream, fresh white bread and freshly cut parsley leaves (optional).

Bon appetit!


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