Cutia Taranului and other things

All I did during the winter holidays was to eat and not necessarily healthy food. 👀 I ate tons of cheese and my skin looked like shit for weeks… It just started to look decent again, so I started to eat healthier, because I don’t want to fall apart. 😅 Perfect or not, I still need my skin. 🤷🏼‍♀️

We finally decided to become members of a lovely project called Cutia Taranului or the Peasant’s Box. This is an initiative that connects local farmers with consumers interested in buying healthy and natural products, instead of the often cheaper and much more convenient, but also processed supermarket alternatives. On this platform you can choose the farmers that will supply you on a weekly basis with fresh, seasonal goodies.

I knew about this project for a couple of years now, and I always sympathized with it. BUT I preferred going and buying the stuff I needed form the farmers market, because I was concerned about 2 things. As the boxes are created by the producers you can’t really choose what you’ll get, and how much. I mean you can’t choose it at all. So I was afraid that the boxes will not be diverse enough for our needs. And that it would lead to food waste, which is one of my worst nightmares. I’m always concerned about food waste. 😅 Lack of time and inspiration plus the fact that I can’t choose the products I’ll get, simply scared me. I could see myself throwing away tons of vegetables simply because we got too much of it and I couldn’t use them all.

Recently, we found the solution for both issues. Just in time because since all this covid situation going on the need for our groceries being delivered to our doors got bigger then ever. We still try to avoid crowded places like supermarkets or any other markets.

Luckily we discovered a tiny shop which also started a delivery service a couple of weeks ago, called Bejön a vidék, which is technically a modern farmer’s market, where you can find any local products, only you won’t buy it directly from the producers. So if the boxes will not be diverse enough sometimes, we will simply order extra stuff from Bejön a vidék. And we will keep buying from them everything else that the boxes does not include, like almond milk, mustard, pasta or cheese.

And lack of inspiration isn’t a problem either. Not since I found Sanda Marin’s old cooking book. Which was a must have in our grandmothers kitchen and even in their grandmothers kitchen. It was first published in 1936, and it’s all about seasonal cooking. It’s full of traditional recepies, which I will convert into vegetarian/vegan ones, of course, but it also includes ideas of whole meals for each particular day of the year. A meniu for each month, based on what ingredients are most likely to be found in that period. So cool! This way we will eat a lot more healthier, and seasonal which is frankly a quite important part of healthy.

And for now, just to be sure we won’t waste anything, we are sharing the boxes with one of our neighbors. But let’s see how it’s going, in time maybe we will order separate ones. In the pictures, which are the world’s most imperfect flat lays, you can see what we are going to eat this week. 🙈 Everything there is like half of the box we ordered, except the beetroot, the onions and the black raddish that we bought separately. Let’s see what I am going to cook out of them. 🤍


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