I guess I have a type

If you read my last article about mr Frizz and all the drama we’ve been trough together lately, you will probably not be surprised that our new foster dog has a quite similar story…

This is Chardonnay, but we simply call him Don. We finally took him home on Friday night, after almost 3 months of waiting.

Now let me tell you his story, may I? He was living on a chain, just like the other dogs from the yard. So they were living there each on his own chain, “happily”, until one day one of them escaped. The big one. A caucasien shepherd dog, who attacked Don that night. Just imagine a small sized dog fighting for his own life, all alone, while atacked by another one who was like 5-6 times bigger than him. 😐 As he was f*cking chained he couldn’t even run away… He was on his own, their owners didn’t intervene. Not even after the attack. He was left in his misery… Someone elso took him to the vet days after the incident, when the level of the infection was already huge… And because his owners couldn’t afford his interventions, his treatment and his hospitalization they just gave up on him. πŸ‘€

On a side note, when I took out my Frizz from one of the central asian shepherd dog’s mouths back in March, that was the moment I decided that I want to keep him. I could never ever give up on him after that night. I felt so terribly guilty the whole time, even if now I realize that it wasn’t my fault, really. In fact I did everything I could to save him, I didn’t even care about myself getting hurt. And yes I actually got hurt, I’m not just saying it. I still have scars, and I still don’t care. I wouldn’t do anything differently. All I cared about was to keep my dog alive, and I still think nothing else matterd more than that. But we are who we are.

Anyway, I met Chardonnay at the clinic. I knew right away I wanted to foster him. And things slowly worked out for us.

I guess I have a type.

I mean another type. πŸ™ˆ Because I react the same way when I hear about puppies fighting with parvovirus, as Pesto is a parvo survivor himself. Their stories always make me very emotional. I relive everything we’ve been trough, everything. And I want to help. Even more than I usually want to help animals. πŸ˜… I would like to save them all, of course. But even if I coud I would definitely begin with dogs infected with parvo, and dogs attacked by other dogs. And I would continue with blind and calico cats. Finally, I would save all the rabbits bought for kids as Easter presents or simply as toys.

All the bad things we’ve been through with our monsters made us stronger. Taught us so much about animals, life and love. And now helps us to help others dealing with the same problems. Maybe it’s weird… but I’m kinda thankful for all these problems we’ve got.

Welcome to our family baby Don! I’m sure we will learn so much from each other! So excited about our journey. You are a crybaby, therefore sometimes pretty annoying. πŸ™ˆ But I’m sure we will figure things out. I couldn’t wish for a better foster dog right now. Ready to learn the lesson you’ve prepared for us, whatever that would be.


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