When it rains, it pours…

I’m so sick of stupid dog owners… And yes, I just called you stupid! 🤷🏼‍♀️

When it rains, it pours they say… and no one knows that better than poor mr Frizz, who just got attacked AGAIN by dogs. Your dogs! Dogs with owners!!!

First in March, by 4 central asian shepherd dogs let free on the fields to walk on their own, totally unsupervised. Then last Sunday by a bull terrier, whose owners were like 20m away. Not only they didn’t react at all when their dog attacked Fritz, they simply said “sorry”. And left. Just like that. Why were they so far away from their dog? Good question!

Unfortunately, no one knows the answer. Not even the owners, I bet. Because there is no logical explanation to this. Your dog’s place is right next to you, and your place is right next to him. If you can’t manage this otherwise, big news: leash was invented like 2000 years ago. Use that leash, people! It’s not that hard to use it… You really just hold one end in your hand and fix the other one to your dogs collar or harness, ok? It’s that simple.

And now, before you say I’m a hypocrite, walking my dogs off leash all the time and telling you that you shouldn’t do the same, let me explain some things.

First of all, my dogs are coming back when they’re called. No matter what. You call them, they come. Which is, unfortunately, something that most of your dogs are not capable of… Because you never taught them. Which is fine… I know you tried. I know you wish you had well behaved dogs too. And I know that you did your best. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I also know that it’s not necessarily your fault, that this didn’t work out so well. There are lots of factors…

We all work on our dogs as much as we can. But we all set our priorities in our own way, we have different ideas and different expectations, and we all work with different techniques on different dogs with different problems.

So… there’s no such thing as the perfect recipe for the perfect dog. It’s just trying, failing, trying again, trying in a different way, trying harder and eventually, succeeding. It’s really not easy to raise dogs. And it’s even harder to train them. I know that, I really, really do!.. I know that what works for me will not necessarily work for you and the other way around. And even what works for me with one of my dogs, will most probably never work with the other one. 🤷🏼‍♀️ It’s quite complicated, and unfortunately the amount of energy invested in your dog is not directly proportional with the end result. Or to put it simple just because you try it doesn’t mean that you’ll ever succeed.

But there is one thing, one little thing we should all do about our dogs, regardless of how they are. We should all KNOW our dogs.

After all, they are how they are, and it doesn’t really matter. Work on the issues you can still fix, accept the ones you can’t change anymore, but know your dogs!!! Know their limits, know their triggers, know their fears, know their issues and know their needs. For example, if your dog is jealous, you shouldn’t pet other dogs who you meet on your way, who he might attack out of f*cking jealousy. Because THAT, that’s STUPID. And that’s 100% your fault.

Therefore I’m not calling you stupid, because your dogs aren’t perfect. Neither are mine. I am not judging you because you walk your dogs off leash. I aslo walk mine off leash as much as I can, indeed. You are not blamed because you didn’t or couldn’t teach your dog certain things. But you know what really IS stupid? Living in denial. “My dog would never hurt anyone!” You don’t know that. They’re all dogs after all. Be aware of that, otherwise you’re risking your dog’s and other dogs’ life, which is again STUPID. Leash your dog when you meet people and dogs you don’t know. Always! You never HOPE it will be ok. You ACT! You get that goddamn leash and put it on! You never hope this can’t happen to you. You make sure it won’t!!! Because that’s your job as a responsible dog owner. To protect your dog, and other dogs from yours.

These times it was Frizz who got hurt… But maybe next time your dog will be the one. Think about that! Think about all the pain and suffering Frizz has been through, think about the trauma these attacks caused him. Think about all the costs, all the time and energy we spent putting him back on his feet. And think about that he was lucky… Lucky that we were there, that we took action. That he got the best medical care immediately. But it could have cost him his life!

You, as an owner, are fully responsible for all of your dog’s actions. Which also means, that if your dog attacks another one, you will assume it. You will offer your help to its owner with:

1. Transporting the dog to the hospital.

2. Paying the bill of the surgery/treatment etc.

3. And you will exchange phone numbers and stay in contact!

Shit happens. Even the best dogs can act out sometimes and it can end with hurting others. Or maybe it was just an accident. But you don’t just walk away if something happens!!! That’s super wrong, super stupid, and super irresponsible!


One thought on “When it rains, it pours…

  1. ana G. says:

    I fear the other way around – that my dog might injure others which are free. We adopted Bella 2 years ago (we failed just to foster her, but I know it would have been long for her to find a family and decided to keep her after half a year – she is super loving with humans and super mannered but reacts badly at dogs and worse at cats).
    I feel the same for unleashed dogs. It happens to us around the building where we live, with the neighbour dogs, but also into the forest. People walk their dogs unleashed, especially the little ones, but they are unable to recall them. The doggos get too close and a scene happens out of a sudden even if Bella is always always on a leash. Sometimes I just want to ask them if they really care for their dog or it would be fine if Bella ate them.

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