Pirate Bunny?

Luckily Mascara is NOT becoming a Pirate Bunny, although I was quite afraid of that lately. However he will keep being that Evil Bunny who we are all used to. The most fluffy, cute and cruel creature of them all.

2 days ago we finally found out what’s wrong with one of Mascara’s eyes. It all started like an eye infection just before Christmas. He started treatment for conjunctivitis, but it only looked worse and the eye started to become so much bigger than the other one… 👀

He needed a CT scan to exclude retrobulbar abscess, which is unfortunately quite common in rabbits… On Monday he had an ultrasound in hope that we will know more and we can start proper treatment.

The good news is, that there is no pus, only fat behind the eyeball, so he can keep both of his eyes for now. But we still don’t know what caused this and how to stop more fat accumulation. Or how to prevent the same thing happening on the other side as well… 😔

But he is fine for now. And that’s all what really matters. He feels no pain, he is playful, and bossy and such a pain in the ass. Just like before. He is eating well, being dramatic about everything, getting offended, and being evil with the others. He is chasing Frizz away when he enters his territory. He is annoyingly pushy with Mango, and he is scaring the shit out of poor Chili like 3 times a day for absolutely no reason. He is messy. He is growling to Erno each time he feeds him, and he is picky. Even pickier than before. Feed him paprika and you’re a dead man. That would be crime. You must feed the bunny the food he desires. No paprika for mr. Mascara, please! Only cuddles and attention and bananas.

You’re such a monster, baby Mascara! We love you so f*cking much. And we’ll always love you. With or without eyes! 🤍

Please don’t give up on your pets if they get sick. Don’t ever hope that it’ll go away. Just like that. It won’t. I mean… maybe it will, eventually. But only with proper treatment! Give your pets the medical care they need as soon as possible, always!


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