I used to think that I’m a big city girl. And I am, I guess. But not as much as I thought.

© Silvestru Popescu

I always loved nature. It always amazed me. In fact, big cities and nature are actually giving me the same feeling: the feeling that I am incredibly small. And that feeling brings freedom to me. I am small. Therefore I am allowed to do anything, because it doesn’t really matter. Nothing really matters. No one really cares. I AM FREE. I am free to make mistakes, I am free to love, I am free to live…

However in 2017 when we adopted Pesto I quit my job (I hated it anyways) because I needed my time and energy to raise my dog. And then something changed. I changed. I started to rediscover and to enjoy the outdoors. I wasn’t all like “ew mud” and “ew rain” and “ew cold”… I was waking up in the morning just as excited as Pesto. Excited about a new day we can spend together. If it was rainy we got wet, but we had fun anyways. If it was muddy we took a nice hot bath after the walk. If it was cold we dressed up like astronauts and we moved faster and more to keep ourselves warm. Then we enjoyed a cup of tea afterwards or we made pumpkin soup or baked apple slices until Erno came home from work. And believe me, it was muddy and rainy and cold quiet a lot, because I decided to keep Pesto in September. So the weather was working against us. 🤭 Then we moved in our actual home in January 2018, where we were closer to nature then ever.

© Silvestru Popescu

Since then I am connected to nature 100%. Not a single day has passed without us being out on the hills or in the forest. We were allowed to walk our dogs in nature even during the lockdown, everyday, twice a day… We have seen all the sunrises and all the sunsets. We have seen all the seasons passing by again, and again , and again… We have seen the deers runnig together with our dogs. We have seen the flowers blooming, the berries ripe, the leaves falling… We were feeding the birds during winter, listening to their chirping during summer. We were picking mushrooms, and herbs all summer long each year. We are the first ones to step on the fresh snow every morning all winter long each year. So yeah… I am truly, really, f*cking connected to nature.

© Silvestru Popescu

When I discovered Naturalness and when I started using their products I’ve already been connected to it. And now I am even more. Knowing that none of my cosmetics or cleaning supplies would ever do any harm to nature feels so good. I am blessed. And sometimes I think I’m not thankful enough, but today I am. Truly, really, f*cking thankful.

P.s. I wrote this article 3 months ago, but I couldn’t post it. First because I didn’t had the pictures, then because I felt a terrible disconnection. Not necessarily from nature, but generally from everything and everyone. But today I’m on the same page again, I even cleaned the toilet so I think it’s totally appropriate to post this. ✌🏻


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