I love fireworks. I know how much harm they do, I also know I shouldn’t love them, yet I still can’t help it and I just do. Same with baloons. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

I also have to confess that I used to judge pet owners with pets who are afraid of fireworks. I did judge them, terribly. I believed that they should have raised their pets better, spent more time with them, taught them that there’s nothing to be afraid of… I thought that it is entirely their fault, and I couldn’t sympathize with them. I was feeling very sorry for the animals, while I totally blamed their owners for the terror they’ve been trough every year. I decided that my pets will NOT be afraid of such things years before I even had them. Ever since we adopted the cats, before we left the house on NYE we put on some music for them. Something super dramatic, like Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana, and we made sure they have a playlist long enough and loud enough to cover the whole thing. We put away everything we considered “dangerous”. As in things they could hurt themselves with if they eventually got scared and started running around the house like crazy. I thought about every single possibility and I did everything possible to avoid any trauma. Since we adopted Pesto we never left him home alone on NYE. If we couldn’t take him with us, we left him at a friend’s who spent the night at home. We also never tried to avoid fireworks or any other loud places with him, so he could get used to it, and learn that there’s no reason to be afraid of them. That wasn’t hard as we took him everywhere anyways. I was so proud of my monsters. So proud! And myself. πŸ˜… I did it! My pets are not afraid of the fireworks!

Everyone was always so anxious about it, and I couldn’t be more relaxed. I left the house knowing that the girls and Mascara will be enjoying some nice music at home, and they’ll have absolutely no idea about what’s going on outdoors. And Pesto could come with me, being safe and feeling safe around me as he was supposed to… Last year we watched the fireworks together with him, and he was so happy and wanted to go and say hi to everyone, it was adorable. And everyone was like “wooow such a dog!” And my heart melted several times. But this year things got complicated. πŸ‘€

Since people (mostly kids) already started to play with fireworks on their balcony, on the streets, and technically everywhere, Pesto refuses to go out for walks… he is just hiding in the bathroom day after day, all day long and it breaks my heart. He will be on medication starting tomorrow and I’m very close to needing some drugs too. I feel like I faild, and to be honest I am just as stressed as he is. A part of me is still proud of Frizz, tho. Because I didn’t know what to expect from him as this is his first NYE with us, and I was afraid that he will be afraid. But surprisingly he is handling everything very well. While Pesto is hiding in the bathroom or under the bed, and I’m totally freaking out. πŸ‘€

It bothers me that Pesto is so scared. It bothers me that I don’t know why, I just can’t explain what happend… And it bothers me that I can’t help him. So obviously it doesn’t really matter how conscious you are, and how much you work with your dog after all. Regardless of it, you can still end up with a dog afraid of f*cking fireworks… Even after 3 years. All of a sudden.

I’m not sure if I stopped judging other people now, or I also started to judge myself too. πŸ˜… Yeah, I know… maybe he just got more sensitive with time (although who would know that’s even possible in his case? LOL), maybe it has nothing to do with me and my “parenting” skills. But what if it does? What if I made a mistake?.. AND WHAT IF I WILL MAKE IT AGAIN? And screw up with Frizz too? πŸ‘€

I really hope that the drugs will help Pesto and we will all survive NYE. I will let you know how it goes, maybe some of you are also strugglig. And btw, for the first time: I’m sorry. Now I know how frustrating this is, no matter whose fault it is.

P.s: We started to confiscate fireworks from random kids. Erno has his car full already. πŸ˜‚ He explains to them how dangerous they are. Not just for animals, but also for people struggling with epilepsy, anxiety or seniors. I’m not sure if they understood that part or just wanted to get rid of us, but they voluntarily handed over their stock. Maybe first thing after we left they went and bought some more, who knows? But I would really like to belive that kids can learn what’s righ and what’s wrong as long as someone takes some time to explain to them. After all, it’s not their fault that their parents didn’t…

If you read this, please consider all the harm you might cause, and stop causing it if possible. If you read this and you have children, please tell them how dangerous fireworks could be. If you read this and see kids doing fireworks on the streets please stop and talk to them. And keep in mind that this comes from someone who f*cking loves fireworks. If you read this and have pets please keep them safe. Even if they were fine the past years, you cannot know how they will react this time.


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