The only way

Let me show you the only way you should put pets under the Christmas Tree. And even THIS was a present from me to myself.

I found these little figurines on a charity fair organized by NUCA, for the cats and dogs in their care. I tried to find out who made and donated them for the organization, but unfortunately I couldn’t. If you have any informations please let me know. I would like to thank her in the first place, and I would like to order some more. πŸ™ˆ They’re adorable! And I still cannot believe I actually found a miniature version of all my monsters. They came in their own little beds, an empty box of matches, filled with bedding. There is a little pillow and blanket for each. And they had a little Christmas tree, or some tiny clothes and a toy in there. 😭

Pesto & Mango under the Christmas Tree

When I will finally finish my dollhouse project they’ll move in there. All of them. Yes, even tiny Pesto and tiny Frizz, although they’re both “caini de curte”. πŸ™„ But let’s discuss some serious business, Christmas Eve is almost here, we got no time for stupid jokes. BUT maybe there’s still time for stopping you from making some terrible mistakes. Because that’s what gifting pets is, and nothing more. Just a terrible, terrible mistake.

We don’t gift family members for anyone. If you know someone who would really really want to already get married and start a family, you don’t gift them a husband or a wife, do you? Or adopt a child for them.

Chili sleeping under her own Christmas Tree

See? That’s just not how it works. So even if you’re sure they want a pet. Even if you know that’s all they miss from their lives. You should never ever tie a bow around a puppies neck and put him under the Christmas Tree. Because we should all have the chance to decide who we want to spend with the next 10-20-30 years of our lives. Therefore, the ONLY person you can gift a pet is you. So if you already bought or adopted a pet for someone, congratulations! You are now his happy owner. 🀭

P.s. You can still tie a bow around his neck and put him under the Christmas Tree with your own name on it. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ You can also act all surprized, it would be fun. I would totally do that. It would look so good in the family album too. We all make mistakes, so let’s … Merry Christmas!


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