Foster for the holidays

No winter holidays for us without fostering since 2018. Gosh! This means this is the 3rd year in a row when we take in a dog for the the winter holidays. It’s unbelievable how natural it feels already! It’s like our very own Christmas tradition. Probably the most wonderful of them all.

This time in 2018 we were fostering Hestia, the bestia. She was our first holiday foster experience. We loved her so much! 🙈 She was such a nice dog to have around for this magical period of the year.

I usually don’t like to take in dogs short term. I know, I know. Knowing exactly for how long you will have to foster a certain dog could be comforting. But for me it’s all about the experience and not the deadlines. I prefer working with them long term. Building trust, start training, making progress and all that in our own rhythm. Raising them exactly how I want them to be, without any pressure. I like to take my time for each and every one of them. But once a year it’s nice to make an exception. To take a break from our routine, from our preferences, and from our expectations… To take in a dog who already has a different routine, different preferences, and expectations. 🙈 After Hestia returned to her long term foster, at the beginning of January 2019, we took home princess Ebby, one of the loves of our lives. She deserves her own blog post. Actually, I could write a whole novel about her, but long story short she was one of our biggest “foster failure” failures…

Then last year it was Timon, who joined our family for these few weeks. He was such a sweetheart! So cuddly, so lovely, so easy… He was a very easy dog, indeed. Exactly what I needed back then. I loved the time we got to spend together. I really did! And finally, the day he was reunited with his owner after the holidays, I took mr Frizz home. 😅 He was another love of our lives, but this time I didn’t fail my “foster failure” moment and I decided to keep him before it was too late. One year after Ebby I was a lot wiser, it seems. Even though he wasn’t an easy dog. AT ALL. Especially not in the beginning. 🤭 However, it seems that there is something special in all our December Fosters, but there is something even more special in all our January Fosters. 👀

Timon, Christmas 2019

This year we got Pita’s company until the beginning of January. And it so happend that she is exactly what I need for now. She brings so much peace and calmness in our home! 🤍 She is pure joy! I’m a bit anxious about our next foster, tho. What if he will be another love of my life like all the other january fosters? 👀 One I will definitely cannot keep? Oh come on! Shut up, Anna! You’re overthinking everything. AGAIN! 🙄 No, but seriously… What if?

Anyway this fostering thing is the best part of our holidays for 3 years now. You should totally try it!

So many long term fosters and pet owners are spending the holidays far from their homes, and also far from their beloved pets… Help these little monsters have a merry Christmas and a warm and calm, and SAFE New Year’s Eve. Open your homes and hearts, at least during the holidays. You won’t regret it. Everything is better with +1 dog. Everything, I swear!!!


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