Never say never

At the beginning of our relationship, for a couple of years we lived together with Erno’s parents. It was a big mistake and very unhealthy for all of us. But this is something we realized only after we moved together. Together as in, together-away-from his parents-together. 🤣

So how did we arrive at the conclusion that we must rent an apartment, to spend all our money on it, even if we had a place to stay FOR FREE, privacy, comfort, a hot meal per day WITHOUT cooking, (which I still miss very much sometimes)? We didn’t, until we wanted a dog. And cats. And to help many many more… And we were not allowed. And I couldn’t live like that. I grew up with pets, and I needed that so f*cking much. Erno never had pets, obviously he wasn’t allowed as a child either. 🤭 But he also wanted it just as much as I did. It was super frustrating. I was unhappy and sad.

After a while we rented our “own” apartment adopted the girls and fostered a few more cats. We also fostered dogs sometimes. But only short term. Not like today… Anyway, Erno’s mom refused to visit us because of them for years. 🤭 She is terribly afraid of dogs, she doesn’t like cats, and she disagrees on keeping pets indoors per se, so she never came. 3 years have passed until she first came to visit us. Then she slowly accepted our pets, and secretly she started to love them. 🙈

Today, from “NO pets inside the house!!!” we are more then welcome to visit them with the boys. They are allowed to eat from their plates at the table, and also allowed to chill on the sofa. And they buy them Christmas presents each year. Which is the sweetest thing ever. 🤍

Here’s Erno’s mom. On her sofa. In her home. With 2 of her grandsons*, who happened to be dogs. If we would’ve told her a few years before that this is going to happen some day she would’ve said that it definitely wouldn’t. But we never told her such thing. We had no idea either… No hope.

But People can change, you see. People can learn. People can accept. If there’s a will there’s a way. Everything else is just an excuse. Don’t give up, have patience and never say never.

*Mascara is also a boy. I know everyone thinks he is a girl, but he is not. But he is also not visiting his grandparents, because he is also not a dog, even if he thinks he is.


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