Do you think that Heaven exists? I would like to think that it exists… not necessarily for myself. I have assumed my sins. πŸ˜… But I hope there is Heaven for all the plants I killed and for each pet I had to say goodbye to…

I mean… there must be a place for all these innocent souls I ever loved. And I really really hope that it has visiting hours. Even if I wouldn’t be allowed to spend my entire afterlife with them. I would like to see them again from time to time… I will try to be nicer with all the stupid people who are insulting them, (or me). Or at least not to kill any of them. I can’t guarantee of course. But I will try to keep that in mind. That t it would probably raise my chances to spend time with the ones I love the most after we will be gone. I guess it’s worth the try.

However, whether there is or not a Heaven in the skies, I think there are places on Earth which are worth to be called like that. My home full of plants, pet hair (and the same amount of love), for example. That perfect spot we found on the beach in Bulgaria. And my recent discovery: Green Room Plant Studio.

Green Room Plant Studio is a freshly launched webshop, offering you the unique chance to buy yourself plants to replace the ones you’ve accidentally killed, until you meet again in Heaven (or not).

This is what it offered me, at least. πŸ™ˆ My Tradescantia Zebrina was in quite a bad shape for a while, so I bought a new one. The most gorgeous one I’ve ever seen. I mean… it is flowering!!! I also bought a beautiful, handmade clay pot, in which I plan to plant the new and the old tradescantias together. I also ordered a Spiderplant which I never managed to keep alive. Well, to be honest it wasn’t actually me… My cats are very cool with plants, usually. But Mango is obsessed with spiderplants. And she killed the cuttings I took home so far. My only chance was to buy an “adult” one which I can hang someplace she cannot reach.

It’s so nice to grow your own plants, and to rescue them, but sometimes it feels good to buy some too. Something fresh. Something good looking. Now. Not 6 months later.

If you are from Cluj, you can also choose the personal pickup option for your orders. This is what I did, and this is how I ended up in Heaven. I mean… All those plants, in one place… OMG! Can’t wait to buy more. I already have a fishbone cactus, a begonia and some ferns on my wishlist. And lots and lots of clay pots. And some Christmas gift ideas. 🀫


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