Fresh Start

I’ve got my fresh start. Her name is Pita.

She will never bring Phantom back. She won’t make me feel any less guilty. She won’t take the pain away. But she is here. She is very much alive. And she is a constant, but very kind reminder that life is very much like a game of chess indeed. That after each chackmate, you’ll get a fresh start if you’d like to, and also another chance to win.

I wish I could offer him these walks, this food, this love and all this time… But I’m also very glad that I can now offer Pita everything she could have missed otherwise. She is with us only during the winter holidays, and although I don’t usually like to take in short term fosters, it happened that I missed to have an old and sweet dog around just as much as she needed a foster family for these couple of weeks. Or maybe even more.

Not sure who’s helping who…

But I’m sure that fostering her is the right thing to do right now. Welcome, Pita! 🀍


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