Life is just a giant game of chess, don’t you think? And lately, I feel like I suck in this chess-like game called Life. I used to think that I’m quite good actually, and I used to enjoy it. But god, I hate to make mistakes!.. And when I do, it’s like the end of the f*cking world.

I’m very competitive, you know, and I always want to win. Erno often says that it’s not fun to play games with me, not fun at all, unless we are in the same team. Because when I play, I play. People usually play games while they talk, eat, drink, or whatever. Just spending quality time with each other, and in the meantime… they play. Well, that’s crime! When you play you must concentrate, YOU MUST PLAY! Yes, you can chat too, you can eat or drink or whatever you want, but not when it’s your turn for the love of god! Focus!

Yeah, you guessed. I am exactly that annoying person who is constantly nagging. I’m like “come on already! It’s your turn!”, “shut up and make your move”, “you’ll tell me later, now play”. I guess Erno is right. After all, I don’t think either that playing games with me could be fun. (And poor Erno, he chose to be part of my real life game of chess too. πŸ™ˆ I’m sorry babe, that probably sucks sometimes).

However, a while ago I started to play Chess. Chess chess, not life-chess. No, not with Erno. He would know that’s suicide. πŸ˜… So it’s not exactly how I imgined this, but it’s ok. I always wanted to learn to play and now I finally got the chance, so that’s all what matters. I learn how to play while I teach the moves for a 5 years old. Yeah, right. I know what you think, but I am actually getting better, I swear. And so does he. πŸ‘€ He IS good! πŸ™ˆ And I find it fascinating. All of it. Especially 2 things. I was told so many times that things are not just black and white in life. But chess actually proves that sometimes, they are nothing more but BLACK AND WHITE. And that gives me so much comfort. And so does the fact, that no matter how many times you’ve lost, you can always have a fresh start, you can keep playing and who knows? You can also win, perhaps.

I got my checkmate, now give me my fresh start, please! In life-chess, that is.


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