There is no planet b

I’m constantly looking for alternative solutions, cruelty free and vegan products and this is how I found The Humble Co.

First, I found their toothpaste in one of the dm stores, where I used to buy another toothpaste, also vegan and cruelty free, but out of stock… I simply hate when a product I am using cannot be found, and unfortunately this happens to me a lot, especially lately, since this whole covid situation is going on… Tired, after a long day at work, frustrated because I can’t find what I came for, desperately looking for another suitable product my eyes landed on this one:

Affordable price. Big πŸ‡ and 🌱 icons on it, pretty obvious, I thought. Printed right in the front of its simple package, like it was screaming “Pick me! You’re looking for me!”. Such lovely design, pretty unique! None of the other products looked like this one, so I became curious. Got one off the shelf and started to read. I read everything. Then I took out my phone, and I typed “the humble co.” and read what google said about it too. Reviews and everything.. because this lifestyle I have, makes you very cautious, you know? Nothing is truly vegan nor cruelty free, nor eco-friendly until you read everything about it, and also 10 other people you trust have confirmed it. πŸ˜‚

Anyway, after a quick research, I finally opened their website, and clicked “our story”. They got me at “there is no planet b”. Which is the first thing to read there under the phrase “time to act”. How lovely! 🀍

Since then I am completely in love with their products. Toothbrushes have such lovely design and colors. And they are very soft, but also efficient. I also liked that they have lots of toothpaste flavors, but I only tried the Charcoal, and the Coconut & Salt flavors so far, and I am still hunting for the Cinnamon flavored one. My only problem is that all The Humble Co. products are quite hard to find. 😞 But you just have to be patient and ready to make serious stocks when they’re finally available in one of the stores. At least, this is what worked for me.

P.s. Sorry if there is nothing left for you. πŸ™ˆ


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