Ligustrum Vulgare

Ligustrum Vulgare also known as wild privet is a deciduous shrub, although plants from the warmer parts show a strong tendency to be semi-evergreen or fully evergreen.

It grows about 3 m tall. The stems are stiff, the oval shaped leaves grow in opposite pairs. It flowers in mid-summer, flowers grow in about 4-5 cm long panicles. The flowers are creamy white colored, and they produse a strong, unpleasant fragrance. It’s fruits are small, shiny black berries. I think they look awesome especially when everything is white and frozen around them… It’s poisonous for humans, but it’s eaten by little birds, who help spread it’s seads this way. 🀍 Nature is truly amazing, it always blows my mind. Just as much as how stupid people can be for turning away from it.

P.s. Might spread some berries in the area where we buried Phantom. Maybe a tiny little shrub will grow out of them. It would be so nice!


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