The Present

Guess what else came early this year? The boys Christmas present, the Christmas Tree, and last but not least, OUR Christmas present. Say whaaat? I might start to looove Christmas after all. πŸ™ƒ

Roborock S5 MAX was on our wishlist for almost a year now. But I wasn’t sure that it is worth the investment. We watched like 1000 reviews from pet parents, all positive of course. But no one had so many pets as we do, and no one had rabbits. And to be honest, Mascara is responsible for at least 60% of the mess in our home. We don’t just have loooots of pet hair and sand (from the cats litter) all over the house. We also have hay (from the rabbit) and lately also feathers and seeds form the birdies. 🀭 That’s quite complex and extreme… πŸ‘€ So no matter how many positive reviews I saw, no matter how good it worked for others with a couple of cats or dogs, I was still very afraid that it will simply explode here. Well, surprisingly it didn’t. And it is doing a VERY good job. I was also afraid that the cats will hate it. But they are pretty cool with it. Actually they like that we have to move the chairs on top of the bed, because they have such a cool playground there.

And there is nothing better than arriving home to a CLEAN apartment. This feeling… it’s just worth all the money. And yes, I paid for it. Obviously. πŸ˜‚ It wasn’t gifted, and sorry to tell you but Santa isn’t real. So we just bought our Christmas present with our own money like adults do. πŸ™ˆ While it was on sale for Black Friday. So more like broke adults do. To be more precise. 🀣

No, but seriously. It is wonderful and just the perfect upgrade for us. Now that I will have to wash diapers in my freetime (no, I’m still not pregnant I just took home an old dog with urinary incontinence, remember?) it’s going to be so good that I won’t have to vacuum clean the whole apartment every single day.

Speaking about upgrades, let me introduce my very first helper. We bought her when we moved in together back in 2015. I named her Wanda, the housekeeper. She did a great job, and I still have her. Her face faded and her head fell off. But she is still very apreciated.

Several years (and pets) later Violet came into our lives at the end of 2017. I still think she is the best vacuum cleaner even if she is not young anymore. She is very tough. And strong. She was working once or twice a day, each day every day, 7 days a week for the past 3 years. We still have her and now she will enjoy her retirement days as with the new addition I am planning to vacuum the apartment only once a week. Like normal people do. OMG, I still cannot believe it! πŸ™ˆ

And finally, here’s Vilma. Smart and very loved already. Hope she will love to work for us, because we definitely love to have her around. Welcome dear Vilma!

P.s. I imagined that this one will be a man. I wanted to call him William or something. But she actually talks to us, and she has a woman’s voice, so I figured that it would be weird. Yeah, even more weird then nameing my appliances and pretending that they are my helpers. πŸ‘€


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