The Tree

2020 is a very strange year, so I guess that it’s ok to do unusual things, to make new traditions…

For the first time ever, I decorated the Christmas Tree before the 24th. I wanted it to be all set before the boys move out, and before Phantom moves in.

I wanted to see where we can fit it, especially now that we will also have to find a place for Phantom’s huge cage. It will be double the size of Pesto’s. So I’m afraid we will have to donate our couch to fit it in. πŸ˜‚ Or, maybe we will have to put away the Christmas Tree long before Christmas, to save the couch. 🀭 Either way it’s good to have it for a couple of days before our lives and our home will turn upside down. To enjoy it while we can.

Besides those concerns, I also wanted to make all this time we spend at home lately more festive, let’s say. I think I just needed some magic in this difficult period. BUT I didn’t finish decorating it, only the upper part is ready for now. πŸ™ˆ I don’t have an Advent Calendar this year (actually I think I never had one as an adult), so I thought that maybe I will enjoy hanging one ornament each day on the Tree, and make it complete for Christmas.

It’s a win win situation, really. I have my tree in 2020 even if later I will have to put it away due to the lack of space, or I can enjoy it longer in case I can actually keep it until Christmas. 🀭 And, it that case, I also have an Advent Calendar which also works as a kind reminder for me, to learn the lesson only a terminally ill dog like Phantom can teach you.. To be more present in the moment, to take one day at a time, and to cherish each and every one of the days you were given. So… one day at a time, huh?

THE Vintage Dress form Dotty Ballerina (It’s funny how it actually ended up covered in rabbit hair this time). 🀭


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