Let in to let go

I’m having a rough time lately. I’m trying to prepare myself to let Riso go next week (he is traveling to his Forever Family and I’m so not ready to say goodbye…), to take Phantom in for his last months, to face my death anxiety, to keep things together at home, to take care of all the monsters and to stay sane…

I’m a mess, and all I want is to get over it quickly, but I also want to stop time. It’s so f*cking hard to be a gemini… 🤷🏼‍♀️ And rescueing animals is even harder.

It has its ups and downs, of course. I couldn’t stop. Ever. I still think it’s worth it after all. But letting them in to let them go is such a heartbreaking process. I can’t even imagine how it will feel to take one in to let him go for real, this time. One of my friends told me that from the foster’s point of view, it is pretty much the same thing. We let them in, to let them go to a better place. Whether it is a Forever Family or their Forever Home over the Rainbow Bridge. I will try to think about it this way. I will let you know how it goes… Wish me luck! I really need to keep my shit together for everyone’s sake.

Each dog is teaching us something. I don’t know what Phantom has prepared for us, but I am looking forward to it. No, I’m not ready. I’m definitely not. But I am getting there.


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