Cat hair

Cat hair is THE secret ingredient I use in all my recipes, especially in the recipe of my happiness. I use it as a fashion accessory, as another layer in my winter outfits. I am in a love hate relationship with it. Fighting all the time, but couldn’t live without it. Very toxic indeed. 🀭

While I was scrolling trough my camera roll the other day I found lots of great pictures which I never posted, because of cat hair… I know that there is nothing to be ashamed of, that all cat owners are covered in cat hair anyway and that they would totally understand the situation. And about the people who don’t have cats, well… do they even matter? Just kidding, of course. They do. If they have dogs, or rabbits, or any other pets… Kidding again. πŸ˜… People who don’t have cats (yet) do matter to me. Pretty much. Actually, they are the reason I am worried about the amount of cat hair I share here online… I don’t want them to worry too much about it (at least not before it’s too late anyway). πŸ˜‚ I mean… I’m sure that there are plenty of people out there who would be such great cat parents, only they are too worried about the cat hair problem, and I think that no one should be stopped from adopting a cat because of this. I want to show people that it is totally manageable with some will and sense of humor. So I try to not scare potential adopters away.

Just imagine what a tragedy it would be if someone ready to adopt a cat would see one of my posts and would think, “OMG, NO THANKS!!! I dont want my pillow, my food or my clothes to look like Santa’s beard.” πŸ‘€ I couldn’t live with it, so I am trying to keep my home & my Instagram feed as cat hair free as possible. I might fail in real life, but at least I can keep the situation under control online. 🀭

There are an awful lot of myths about cat hair anyway, which already have stopped so many people from becoming a cat parent. And which push cat parents into taking bad decisions about their cats when they decide to grow their families with a human baby… I see so many misinformed people getting rid of their cats, or “putting them on hold” for a while… so sad. πŸ˜”

People say that you can get sick if you inhale cat hair. That you can’t get pregnant. That it can cause a miscarriage. That it is dangerous for infants… That it is unhealthy in every way, that it is unaesthetic, unsanitary and uncomfortable.

I say bullshit.

But let’s make something clear. I am talking about INDOOR ONLY cats here. Cats who are completely vaccinated and everything. Because, unfortunately, this is not quite applicable for cats who have free access outdoors as well. (That’s not just dangerous for them, it can also be dangerous for you, but that’s another story…)

However I assure you that you cannot get anything from your cats if you keep them safe and you take good care of them. It won’t stop you from getting pregnant and neither you nor your newborn baby will die from the cat hair you will inhale. Pinky promise. Just do your research. So it is well… not quite healthy. But it’s NOT UNHEALTHY either. It is uncomfortable, tho. A bit. Sometimes it’s tickling my nose. πŸ˜‚ No, seriously, it is uncomfortable but mostly because of me. I choose to live in a dark colored apartment with my white colored cats. I choose having cats while also being obsessed with cleaning. I chose a dark green velvet sofa. πŸ˜… I mean… I can only blame myself. But is it unaesthetic? Is it really? About that. I’m not so sure anymore. I really believe that no outfit is complete without it. It’s like pearls. You can wear them with anything. πŸ˜‚ So I just ordered a black velvet dress for the winter holidays from Dotty Ballerina.

F*ck it! I Can’t wait to style it, and cover it with fur. 🀭 Cat owner or not, go check her Instagram account, she is posting the perfect Christmas gifts also for men and children. Yes, children. Vintage clothes and sotry books and toys… πŸ‘€ Hurry, because I might buy them all for myself. I am nothing but a big selfish baby who wants all the presents for herself.


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