Big Baby

I’m a big baby. No joke. Today I realized that this is what I am. I don’t have an inner child because I am a child. I just can’t adult sometimes. Most of the times, to be more precise. One of my friends said to me this morning: “You’re a mom to so many creatures, you HAVE to be a baby yourself”.

So true. So f*cking true. I am able to take good care of them, all of them, because I am one of them. I also realized that this is probably the secret of good parenting. Generally speaking. I could NEVER synchronize and connect with my monsters the way I do, otherwise. If I were an adult, I would probably walk my dogs for like 20 minutes/day, because I would get so bored after a while that I would pretend to have something more importat to do instead. Like adults do. Always pretending they’re busy, or tired… Always making up some lame excuses. But like this, as a child, I am just as excited about our terribly long walks, as they are. Just as full of energy, just as curious, just as playful and crazy, as they are. Just as happy as they are. Happy, about the simple things. Happy about nature… I can get lost for hours in the beauty of it. Watching a bug, a flower, or the ice… Today, ice made us happy. It was our joy, our toy, and soon it became our playground. You know what’s better than jumping in puddles after the rain? It’s jumping in frozen puddles in a white jumpsuit.

Try to be present. To be present in the moment that you spend with your children. Whether they’re furry or not. And let yourself be impatient or selfish, or afraid, or sad, or HONEST or whatever you need. Whenever you need. But always try to enjoy what the small ones are doing, because I promise you, it’s going to be fun. So much fun. It’s all about the simple things, really. So let’s stop pretending that we are gods, because we are not. Just admit that you’re a child too, as all human being are, and let’s have some fun. Shall we?


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