Wooow look at all that hate I got since my last post. 🀭 Thank you! I feel like a famous person. Besides, my stats are blooming.

Context: I was attacked because I keep my big and non-breed dogs indoors, a crime!!! I was attacked because I judge people who think that big dogs SHOULD stay outdoors because of their size. I was attacked because I decided to write these posts in English. I was called “englezoaica”, I was called “wannabe”. (Because I am at the beginning, I guess. I bet that others were born with 5M followers or so). I was told I live in a bubble, and my favorite, and most inspiring comment is:

I don’t know how you deal with hate, but I am ok. I am ok because I assumed this from the very beginning. I didn’t start this blog overnight, I was preparing for this for years. I’m not naive. I knew this day will come, and I was looking forward to it. Pretty much. I think it’s a milestone and I am proud I reached it. Also, I am ok because I get this hate in real life as well, so I’m kinda used to it. I’ve been fighting for animal rights for years, there is absolutely nothing new under the stars. I’m ok, because I am not a popular person. I never was. People always thought that I am strange. It took me years to be ok with that, but I am now. I accepted that. I learned that there is nothing wrong with being different. I learned that the fact that others might not get it, that they might not understand you, it’s just proof that you are good at… you know. Being you.

BUT, because you can never be prepared 100%, ever. I still realized quite a few things after my first hate-wave, that I would like to share with you. If you are affected of the hate you get and you are struggling, it might help you get over it. So here’s how I manage to deal with hate (so far):

1. Focus on the positive parts:

Traffic is traffic, and when you get it, you’d better be thankful for it. People are finally listening and responding. You reached your audience, you did a good job.

2. Learn your lessons:

First, make sure that you’re right. If you are, just let others attack and be wrong. It’s their right, after all. Eventually they will realize too that they’re wrong . But when it comes to delicate subjects, a good opportunity occurs to learn who your friends are, and who is worth to be part of the community you’re building. Choose the people around you wisely. Both online and offline.

3. Don’t call people stupid

It’s your life, your blog, your decision, your style, your strategy. You do what feels good for you. But let’s face it, people don’t like to be called stupid. Unfortunately they don’t want to do their research or to use their heads either. However it might be necessary, if you want to teach them something, to open their eyes, or prove them wrong. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ Just be ready for them to react to your actions.

4. Just keep being yourself:

Whatever you do, whatever you say, whatever you promote, whatever language you speak there will always be someone who’s not gonna like it. Who’s not gonna agree with it. Someone who will get offended. Someone you will make jealous. Jealousy makes people ugly af. I know that because sometimes I get jealous too. πŸ˜… It’s the most toxic shit ever. But that’s ok. Make sure you like yourself and your content, that you agree with what you share and what you say. And let others decide if they like it or not. You don’t want to create shallow content to please everyone. Plus, why whoud you like to please someone who you don’t agree with?

Gone walking my unhappy “caini de curte” then cuddling up with them watching some The Crown episodes and getting lost in my bubble. Bye haters! Thanks again for the traffic!


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