“Caine de curte”

I wanted to translate this from the very beginning but wow. This is really a romanian thing, isn’t it?Because when I started to type the title, I realized I have no idea how to translate it, it’s like zacusca. It’s a local specialty. 😂 But don’t worry, I’ll try my best to explain.

So if you want to know what the fuck is a “caine de curte” just imagine Pesto. Visualize him. His elegance, his face, his eye, his fur, his size. Especially his size!!! Because you see, Pesto is a “caine de curte”. Which means he is supposed to stay outdoors. Not during walks or, when he wants. No. All the time. ONLY outdoors. Day and night, forgotten somewhere in the yard. Without any acces into the house. He is considered to be UNHAPPY in an apartment. And not suitable at all. Why, you ask? Because of his size of course!!! Isn’t that obvious? Big dogs are “caini de curte” while small dogs are “caini de apartament”. Easy peasy.

Now you might say that ok, you got it. Then Pesto is a “caine de curte” and Frizzante is a “caine de apartament”. Makes sense, I bet. But you’re wrong! Because Frizz is also a “caine de curte”. Why, you ask? Because he is not purebred, and he doesn’t look like any breed. So both of my dogs, were supposed to stay outdoors. All their lives. (No co-sleeping, no cuddles on the couch, no walks and holidays and time well spent together). And I am a crazy person who tortures them keeping them indoors. I should consider giving them away. To someone at the country side who has a proper yard to offer them the “freedom” they deserve, how I was suggested several times. Just kidding, of course. My dogs will move to the country side when I do.

You know who else is a “caine de curte”? Of course you do. You guessed: Riso is. And Poppy was too. And all my fosters were, except 2: Toto the chihuahua, and Marley, the wannabe westie. THAT doesn’t count you know? If they are not purebred as long as they look similar to one, they are good to be kept indoors. They’re “caini de apartament”.


Wake up people! 🙄 There is no such thing! Stop keeping your dogs outdoors just because of their size. Admit that you don’t have the time, the energy, the willpower to keep them indoors, which is fine. But stop hiding behind this stupid excuse. If your dog is a “caine de curte” it’s because you raised him to be. Because you did a shitty job, that’s why. And because you gave him no choice. ALL dogs, regardless of their size, whoud be a lot happier if they would be a real part of your lives… So admit if you made a terrible mistake, and let others do better. And never EVER deny the chance of a big sized dog to be adopted as a family member not as a garden decoration just because you consider him to be a “caine de curte”. THERE IS NO SUCH THING.


4 thoughts on ““Caine de curte”

  1. Wannabe says:

    Dear Wannabe😇,
    Scriu in romana…Ca nah…in Romania m-am născut si vreau sa inteleaga toți cei care citesc aici…
    Permite-mi te rog sa fac o paralelă de actualitate…Tie iti place sa stai in casa din cauza situației actuale?🙈. Intreb si eu pt un verisor.
    Eu cred ca fix asa se simt si câinii “obligati” să stea în casă. Ei sunt in asa fel creati incat sa iubească libertatea. Pt asta au si atatea simturi pe care noi oamenii nu le avem, sau daca le avem nu sunt asa bine dezvoltate precum ale lor. Cred ca trebuie să căutăm mai mult in trecut sa vedem exact cum stătea treaba si cum noi, in mod voit, uneori din lipsa de afectiune, am “obligat” animalele sa stea cu noi in casa.
    Clar asta este doar parerea mea vis a vis de subiect, dar consider ca daca vrei sa te numești un om empatic fata de natură, animale, etc, trebuie să înțelegi si modul in care functioneaza unele treburi.
    Dacă tii un caine in curte asta nu inseamna ca il privezi de dragoste, de tandrețe sau ca il tii acolo doar sa latre daca intra hotii in curte…inseamna ca înțelegi ca ei sunt creați si adaptați sa trăiască si in conditiile acestea pt ca iubesc libertatea. Ma repet…daca un caine sta in curte nu inseamna ca nu e iubit!!! Nu zice nimeni ca trebuie să îl tii la -30 de grade afara….Dar totusi sa nu exagerăm in procesul acesta de “adoptie”…
    Si mai am o curiozitate…Tu cand iti duci câinele la plimbarea…folosesti lesa? Intreb asta tot pt un verisor.
    Kiss you honey bunny🙈

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    • First things first, if you want everyone to understand the bullshit you just wrote, switch languages. I am building an English speaking community, no one here cares about where you or I were born. (But with you’re shitty mentality you cannot deny where you are from anyway, no need to underline). Dogs are dogs. There are NO differences. Like there are no differences between people either. In my opinion, at least. And I hope you agree that we all deserve love, comfort, a family, a HOME. Regardless of our skin color, race, or SIZE. And btw, my dogs are walked on a leash only like 10% of the time when it is absolutely necessary. Otherwise We walk for like 2-3 h/day, in NATURE, where they can run and play freely. If you think you’ll find something I’m doing wrong with my dogs you are so very wrong. 🙂 It’s probably the ONLY thing I am doing 100% perfect. You don’t have to believe me, just stick around and watch for yourself. You’re invited to be part of this community, and grow together with us. Obviously, there are a lot you can learn. And btw, I’m very fine, thank you! I actually quite enjoy spending time in my home with my “caini de curte” and all the other members of my private zoo. With my husband and with myself. For me, that part of the global pandemic is a blessing, truly.

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  2. Adele says:

    Hahaaa, tine tu un ciobanesc de bucovina in casa🤣🤣 si nu, nu a zis nimeni nimic de rasa, nu tinem doar cainii “de rasa” in case, sunt oameni si oameni, fiecare avem pareri diferite, so “take it or leave it”😁 parintii nostri au fost invatati ca animalele se tin afara de exemplu, erau ingrijiti, hraniti, vaccinati, atat ca locul lor era afara pt ca multa lume avea casa si o curte, cel putin la tara. Fiecare avem obiceiuri diferite, asta nu inseamna ca sunt gresite, nu facem ca si chinezii sau vietnamezii sa mancam cainii, mai bine spune ceva de ei😆

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    • I have a friend who keeps a caucazian shepherd dog in his apartment, one of Pesto’s best friends. He is the most well trained dog I’ve ever met. And the living proof that you can keep whatever you want in your home as long as you take proper care of them. Also, we will soon foster a dog named Phantom, he weighs around 50 kg. I already wrote about him. A dog who was also “loved” by his “owner”, btw. Also, I don’t know about your parents, but mine were raised with pets kept in the apartment where they grew up, so were my grandparents, and so were we. I bet you don’t eat dogs, but as you probably know that too, I don’t have a problem only with those who eat them. I have a problem with the meat industry per se. But that’s another story.

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