Pastels for spring. Pastels for summer. Pastels for fall. Pastels for winter. Ok, you get it, right? I’m wearing pastels all year long.

I wear them because I like them. They make me feel comfortable and feminine. I wear them because I don’t think it’s only suitable for the hot season. I wear them because I wear what ever the f*ck I want.

And when it comes to flowers, well… You guessed. I love them all. I could never pick a favorite one. But the more the merrier. And if they are multicolored in pastel shades, I just have to take them home.

So today I dressed up all fancy and pastel and I left the house for the first time this week. And I told Erno I want some pictures with my pretty flowers. Meanwhile the whole city seems to be under contruction. And also they are already decorating for Christmas. πŸ™„ So on each lamppost there was a man hanging some Christmas lights. Literally no place for some street styles… Erno twisted his ankle last night, I’m not gonna show you pictures but it’s as big as a pear. We went hospital hunthing (is that even a thing?) for him to get an xray, but today being a Saturday, no luck. Unfortunately, he managed to get an appointment only on Monday. I know we could have gone to the ER, but he would sooner die then go to a state hospital. You can’t reason with him on this one.

We managed to take a few shots in the courtyard/parking lot of one of the hospitals. So in love with this shitty city. Just kidding, of course. I kinda hate it more and more. But I still couldn’t manage to move to Oradea so… this is all I got for now I guess. Quite happy with the pictures, tho. 🀍


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