It feels a lot like Christmas

Wooow. Get ready to unfollow me, because I have a confession to make: I hate Christmas. Well kinda.

I used to love it in high school because of the holidays. πŸ˜‚ And because every teacher got “infected” with the holiday spirit so they forgave me even more shit then they used to. And they were kinda christmassy so they used to leave us alone anyway. πŸ˜… We had like 2 weeks off, and another two weeks before, when we had to attend school, but where nothing serious happened. But then I just figured it’s completely unnecessary. Consumerism at its finest, then all those crappy presents you have to say thanks for with a smile on your face even if you know you’ll throw it out the first thing in the morning. With a broken heart tough, because you know someone payed money for it and you know… they probably worked hard for that money before. And don’t even get me started on the Christmas tree problem. Imagine the amount of trees being cut for absolutely no reason. Or the amount of pigs killed just for the sake of it… πŸ™„ The more aware I became the more I realized how fucked up this holiday is. Anyway. A few years ago, I started to like it again. Well kinda. I love that I can decorate my ARTIFICIAL Christmas tree the way I want to. I love that I can cook my TRADITIONAL Christmas meal without killing anyone for it. Not pigs, not fish, not turkeys or chicken or whatever else. I love buying stuff for our monsters and pack them nicely, because they really enjoy ripping the package or how I like to call it to “open their presents”. πŸ˜… I love that I can chose not doing any harm while celebrating and not making a super big deal of it. I love that the amount of stress I let in my life this period is only up to me. I just do what I feel right and I enjoy some days off together with my loved ones. Furry and not necessarily furry ones. 🀭

However this year the good old Christmas spirit got me quite early I must say. And I already ordered something for the monsters and I’m super excited about it. πŸ™ˆ

We bought 2 harnesses and 2 collars for them this spring. From a small polish brand called Pawsitive Dog Design. Very high quality products, affordable prices and tooooons of awesome prints and colors you can choose from. It’s just awesome. I love that you can personalize everything. The size of the collars and harnesses, of course, but also the length of the leashes and the prints and colors and everything. 🀍 I’m obsessed with prints and colors so yeah. No wonder I couldn’t choose and that I couldn’t wait for an occasion to buy another set for my boys. πŸ˜‚ Let’s be honest, Christmas does have some pretty cool parts too.

So I guess I bought some of the Christmas presents in NOVEMBER for the very first time in my life. (Christmas shopping usually happens on the 24th of December, when I cannot postpone it anymore. This is why I still have present debts from last year). πŸ˜‚ Anyway, if you are looking for some cool stuff for your dogs or you don’t know what to buy them for Christmas, make sure you check these stuff out. We love them so so much we can only recommend them. 🀍


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