The Phantom Dog

When I talk about rescue I always make sure that my stories are as raw as possible. I talk about pee and poo and pet hair. I talk about all the destroyed stuff (RIP, my fav vintage clipon, the latest victim of Riso’s teething period). I am very careful not to give anyone the slightest idea that animal rescue is a walk in the park. Because it’s not. However, I try to concentrate on it’s positive side more for my own sanity. I try to share here the fun side because I belive in the power of it. I will never try to get your empathy complaining about how hard it is. It’s just not my style. I prefer to whistle past the graveyard, then being sad about things I cannot change anyway. But I’m afraid this might give you the wrong impression, the impression that it always ends well. And that each story, even the saddest ones have a happy end. It’s not like that. Really not.

The Phantom dog appeared in our neighborhood a few months ago. When I first saw him I tought he is dead… but then he moved. He got scared, and he managed to run away. Again, and again and again… I gave him this name because I felt like I was chasing ghosts. And because he looks like one. I started to ask people if they know about him but no one ever saw him. The same people who walked their dogs on the same fields I did, never met this dog and I was running into him each morning. I started to worry about myself. I was afraid that my Imagination took control over my body. πŸ˜‚ then one day, f*cking finally, Erno saw him too. We tried to catch him several times, without any success… And then he stopped coming. And we stopped looking… πŸ˜”

We were too busy with our dogs, with Frizz being attacked, with his recovery, then Poppy came, then we found Riso…

Then a few days ago He came again. One of our friends found him while she was walking her dog. Just like me, she also taught that he is dead. But the story ended differently this time. Because Phantom did not have the strength to run away anymore… He was just laying there exhausted and he gave up. So Erno left everything he was doing and took him to the veterinary clinic immediately. We knew this was our only chance of caching him. He is there for a couple of days now, and he really enjoys it. πŸ™ˆ The fact that it is not cold in there like it was on the fields. The fact that he is taken care of, instead of people turning their backs. And the fact that he has food. A lot of it. He loves eating. And so do I. Maybe this is why we like each other so much. He decided to become a very manageable dog all of a sudden. He decided to let people help him. The only problem is that it is already too late for him…

He has cancer, heart problems, demodex, and an obsolete leg… He is between 8 and 10 years old, hard to tell because he is in such a bad condition. We still don’t have a diagnosis, there are many other things to check, but all the vets who saw him agreed on one thing: he deserves a chance to have a beautiful retirement, even if it won’t be a long one. Everyone is working hard to put him back on his feet as soon as possible. I really hope he can make it. I really hope that we will be able to offer him what we should have offered him a few months ago… I wish I wouldn’t stopped caring. Things might have been different now. πŸ˜”

P.s. If you were wondering what happened to the small dog Phantom was found with, he is still on the hills. He ran away and we couldn’t catch him ever since… We didn’t stopped caring, tho. Not this time. So keep your fingers crossed.


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