Rainbow Forest

When they say #staysafe most people think about staying at home. But what I think about is time well spent in my second home: the forest. The Rainbow Forest, how I like to call it lately.

I know, I know. It seems pretty grey, right? But let’s take a closer look.

The Blue Jellyfish Mushroom
– Stropharia Aeruginosa-
The Passionfruit Macaroon Mushroom
The Red Fairytale Mushroom
The Barbie Mushroom
-Mycena Rosea-
The Tiny Purple Mushroom
The Toffifee Mushroom
The Mother Mushroom with her little one
The Créme Brûlée Mushroom
-Xerula Radicata-
The Twins
-Coprinopsis Picacea-

If you have the chance go and take some fresh air, and get lost in the colorful details of this season. That’s it for this week. Stay safe!


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