Happy Birthday Codi and Layla!

Happy birthday Codi and Layla!!!

Yes, they’re dogs. And yes we celebrated their birthday like this. With cake and balloons and presents, and pictures.

“Are you crazy? Why would you celebrate a dog’s birthday? They don’t understand it anyway.” True. But does your 1 month old baby understand why he is wearing a party hat out of a sudden and why everybody wants to take a picture with him? No. Of course not. But I bet you still think he is worth to be celebrated.

So here’s why we celebrate our dogs and why we will definitely celebrate our babies 1 month anniversary too and why there is nothing wrong with it: because it’s important to us. Let’s put it this way. I don’t give a damn f*ck about my one month old anniversary pictures, I don’t even know if I have some (I don’t think I was a cute baby anyways) but my parents surely do.

So it wasn’t important to me, because I didn’t know what was going on. It’s still not important to me. But for them it was such a milestone to celebrate the first month ever of their parenthood. And for me it’s the same with my dogs, and their friends. We are celebrating them more like for ourselves. Because it feels unbelievable that thay are already this big, because we are so f*cking proud of them and of ourselves. Because after everything we do for them daily we deserve an afternoon off, and some cute pictures to put in the family album. Because after they won’t be here with us anymore we will need these memories to fill that empty space they’ll leave in our hearts.

Raising children and pets is different. Or is it? Surely there are some huge differences I will notice as soon as we will add some human monkeys to our private zoo. :)) But you see… Neither kids or pets are forever. The time to let them go will come in every parent’s life, and the only thing you can keep are your memories. Make sure you make plenty of them. Make sure you store them well, and that you live your everydays reminding yourself from time to time that this won’t last forever. Always remember that you don’t want to regret that you missed his 1st or 7th or 22nd Birthday, or anything else.


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