I know I live in a privileged world. I know that now. I know that, because recently I realized that I’m scared, for real, for the very first time in my life while others were afraid for their lives everyday.

So why am I afraid? I’m afraid because I don’t know what is going to happen. How this nightmare will end and when, if so ever…. I’m afraid I’ll never see the people I love again. So many of them living far far away and god knows when we will meet again, if ever… I’m afraid because we have responsabilities I don’t know how we will fulfill, plans, dreams and only one f*cking life. I’m afraid because while in other countries a second lockdown has already stared or will start soon, here in Romania we are living a lie. People are misinformed, many of them even lying to themselves because it’s easier than accepting reality. The virus is spreading like crazy these days and people try to act like that’s not a big deal. Denying that it exists at all, and still pretty sure it can’t happen to them even if it has already happend to their friends, family members or neighbors. They’re blaming the people who got sick. “It wouldn’t have happened to him if…” Authorities are totally incompetent, I must say. Whatever they do, they do it so wrong it phisically hurts. But I don’t want to talk about politics here, you can all turn on the TV or the radio, or read the news anytime if you haven’t had enough of the bullshit yet.

I just want to ask you to stay safe. If not for yourself, do it for your grandparents. For your parents. For your kids, furry kids or future kids. Who would raise your children if something happened to you? Who would take care of your dog? Who would live your dreams? How will your family get over it? You are so f*cking selfish and wrong if you think it’s your life and your choice and that you can do whatever you want. It’s a GLOBAL pandemic. Which means you’re not alone in this. You are responsible not only for yourself but for everyone around you. You don’t have the luxury of not giving a f*ck. You don’t have the right to risk your life because you’re automatically risking many other lives as well.

We didn’t completely insolate ourselves neither. Yet. But we are creative and responsible people, and we try to find SAFE ways to spend time with the people we want to meet. A campfire near the woods on a Saturday night is just an idea. So how do you keep the “fire” alive without risking each other? 🙈


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