Crazy plant lady

Growing something is pure magic. Whatever it is.

Growing your own jungle is such an awesome and rewarding experience. In 2017, when we moved here I had five plants. Five. An Euphorbia trigona or African milk tree, my first plant ever (I have him for 7 years now), a Dendrobium nobile orchid, 2 Saintpaulia babies (a white one & a pink one), and a Calathea makoyana, which I killed like 3 months after… That was all. Super basic I may say. 🀭

Β© Silvestru Popescu

3 years later I have over 50 potted plants, and around 20 cuttings. They are all growing like crazy, 16 of them needed to be repotted because they simply grew out of their old pots. πŸ™ˆ I love when they grow out of their pots. It’s such a milestone in both the plant’s and the plant mom’s life. Yes, taking good care of them is a constant and consuming work. But it’s so worth it. Soon we can get lost in our own little jungle.

I wonder if I would ever stop. Probably not. The more I have the more I want.

Our home is slowly becoming an ecosystem of its own. πŸ™ˆ We’ve built something awesome and I can’t have enough of it. I am so sorry for all of you feeling like a prisoner in your homes these days. It probably sucks and I can’t even imagine how hard it is. I really hope you will find something to grow in there and you will realize how magical it can be.


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