There are days when I’m feeling down. When I’m tired af and totally uninspired.

It was a terribly busy period for us, lots of things have happened and lots of things are still going on, which made me super excited at the beginning, but I started to have mixed feelings later. Especially since I feel the autumn coming… I feel its cold on my skin while walking the dogs late at night, its smell in my nose early in the morning, I hear its sound when the children are asleep, because it’s so quiet you can even hear the leaves falling off the trees… And all I want to do is Netflix and hibernate. πŸ˜… But as a gemini I must want something totally different at the same f*cking time, of course. So I also want to do everything while I still can, while it’s still hot and sunny, and I’m pushing myself over my own limits each day, but yeah… I also want to do absolutely nothing for like 6 months… Good luck with that, Anna! πŸ™„

Anyway, when I cannot find any inspiration inside me, in my life, or around me I must look for it someplace else.

This time I found my inspiration at Dotty Ballerina. Again. I spent like 3 hours scrolling on her feed today. Not even buying anything, not even liking the pictures but scrolling and scrolling and recharging my creativity’s empty battery the most passive way. My favorite way. What is going on there is f*cking amazing. I just LOVE that account. So much more than a vintage shop.

Everything so clean, well organized and colorful… The perfect visuals for days like this when everything seems so gray around us and you can’t even organize your own toughts.

If you are into vintage, into fashion and everything in between you must check out this account. No paid partnership, no promo code, no nothing. I’m probably not even her favorite client. I mean I buy lots of things but I’m sure there are people who buy even more. You know how vintage shopping works… πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ Some things are already sold when I find them. Some things are a size too small or too big. Sometimes I just don’t really need ANOTHER belt, or skirt, or whatever. But I’m definitely her number one fan. 🩰

I always find treasures, peace and inspiration in the past. Can someone please take me back in time? Well she can. Dotty Ballerina can take me back in time. Always.


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