So yesterday’s post was the 100th. This means today’s post is the 101st.

101. Quite a lot. Isn’t it? But such a cool number. My OCD is super happy with it.

101. Like the dalmatians, in my all time favorite Disney movie, although I do blame Disney on my unrealistic expectation of how many dogs I can own. Coincidence or not, today I found a facebook post with a 4 years old dalmatian looking for a new family, and I sent the link to Erno asking him: “Why on earth can’t we have 627263829 dogs?” So really, why?

4 dogs

Also, why are you people giving away a 4 years old dog? Me wanting to adopt at least 101 dogs might be wrong. But giving away a 4 years old dog is even worse… I tried to imagine how it would be if I would have to give Pesto away in Fabruary. (That’s when he’ll turn 4). I couldn’t. πŸ˜‚ My imagination failed me. I would rather die. Seriously. Pesto will move out over my dead body. πŸ˜… I really don’t get how some people keep getting rid of their dogs, while I just can’t have enough. Ever.

5 dogs

Anyways, if you know about an abandoned island where I can find the hidden treasures of the pirates, and build a palace for myself and my pets and my future 99 dogs… just let me know. Or if you are looking for adopting a 4 year old dalmatian, by any chance. 🀭

Never enough dogs

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