Baby steps

I promised I’ll get back to you with the results of my plastic free july challenge. So here I am, making that report in October, because I like to keep my promises. Sometimes it takes months or years. And those unkept promises are hunting me. πŸ˜… But I never forget something I promised and even if it’s not actual anymore I still think about it often, waiting for the perfect opportunity to come.

So the challenge I took, and encouraged you to take went surprisingly well. I was afraid it will be a huge failure, but I never forgot my reusable bags at home, I managed to buy only fresh vegetables and bread during those 2 weeks, which wasn’t packed in plastic by default. I was more conscious, but as I figured out later, I was also lucky. I was lucky I didn’t finish any of my cosmetics during that limited period of time, however I dyed my hair once, so I produced some beauty care related plastic.

BUT, at the beginning of August, after I successfully completed the challenge, I started to finish my cosmetics, one after another…. First my shampoo, then my toothpaste, then my hair conditioner, then my dry shampoo and so on. And just like that, in 2 days I produced more plastic then in two weeks before… πŸ™„ That was the moment when I realized that going completely plastic free is something quite impossible for me to do long term. Of course, there would be solutions, etc. But I would have to change the monster’s diet, I would have to stop taking my medication (I have an autoimmune disease), I would have to stop dying my hair, I would have to stop living my life, basically. πŸ˜… Just kidding, of course. It’s not impossible to go completely plastic free, I mean, there are people having a completely 0 waste lifestyle. πŸ‘€ But for me it would be too hard and still, sometimes it feels good, and I am planning to do it more often for limited periods of time. For a weekend, for a week, or for two. Maybe until next July I will be ready to do it for a whole month. I hope I will be.

This weekend however, I went plastic free again. I only used 1 plastic bag (for the trash), 2 absorbing pads for Riso and one plastic net we bought the brussels sprouts in. That’s it. πŸ™ˆ However we had to buy 3 big bags of soil for the #ammprivatejungle, as I started to prepare my plants for the cold season and some of them need to be potted or repotted . The soil we bought is packed in plastic, but as I didn’t trow the bags away yet, I hope it doesn’t count. πŸ™ˆ But to compensate I also took the time to make some clothes from the sheet Riso destroyed last week. I also kept the elastic, I still don’t know what I will use it for, but I’m sure I will figure it out. Sooo the only waste remaining was this:

But as you can see, Mango found it instresting so now I’ll call it a cat toy. πŸ˜… A completely plastic free lifestyle might be far far away from me, but I still managed to have an almost plastic free weekend and a completely 0 waste diy project. Baby steps. 🀍


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