My husband is a troll.

How can you tell if a person is a troll? You can’t. Except you are living together and then it doesn’t really matter anymore, most probably. Why? Because trolls are very lovely people, and because you’ll probably never want to live with someone “normal”, as in “boring” ever again. (Only like twice a day, but you don’t mean it, and that’s something you both know). πŸ˜‚

The dynamic of our relationship since 2011

So how can I tell that Erno is a troll? That’s easy. You know he is a troll when you ask him to stop singing stupid inexistent songs on his funny voices in the car, and he stops, but 3 seconds later he starts singing again, only a lot louder so he cannot hear your complain anymore. You can tell he is a troll when 3 hours later YOU are voluntarily singing that stupid song of his, without him being around, at work, because you can’t get it out of your head anymore. You can tell he is a troll when he is intimidating all your friends, making them feel totally uncomfortable while asking questions one should never ask while casually eating dinner or something. You can tell he is a troll when he is imitating you all day long. You can tell he is a troll when he makes our dogs bark at him like they don’t know him. πŸ˜‚ You can tell he is a troll when he starts acting like he doesn’t know you when you want to hug or kiss him in public. You can tell he is a troll when you have to ask him 62836294 times to make a picture of you each time, but when you do something embarrassing he is there to document every single second of it. πŸ˜… No need to ask.

As you can imagine living with a troll isn’t easy. But it is funny af and it is definitely not boring. And to be fair living with an entitled princess and a lunatic (Sorry I couldn’t choose. I’m a gemini. A princess, a mermaid, a nazi, a lunatic, all in one.) can be hell on earth sometimes as well. 🀭 Also dangerous. I almost burned the house down yesterday while making french fries, which turned out to be “french green beans” (recipe coming soon because surprisingly, they turned out to be delicious after all). Building a relationship is hard work, but I’m glad we are on this journey together. We got engaged in September 2019, and got married in January 2020, after 9 years of relationship or so. It was very formal, our civil ceremony. Nothing fancy, because we planned to celebrate it later with our family and friends. So this month, exactly one week ago we were supposed to attend our weddig. Which is now postponed for god knows how many months or years. πŸ˜… To be honest, I’m not even surprised it didn’t go as planned. Trolls and lunatics don’t live their lives according to the plan, and neither do others. Lately. How are you dealing with this situation? I know we are not the only ones who’s plans were ruined.

I was begging for this picture for like 30 minutes


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