Ficus Carica

Ficus carica is a flowering plant also known as common fig or just the fig. It happens to also be one of my favorite fruits and the most important ingredient of Erno’s favorite vegan pate. (I’ll share the recipe soon, so stay tuned).

It’s a 7-10 m tall gynodioecious, deciduous tree or large shrub. Its fragrant leaves are pretty ornamental, quite big and deeply lobed. If I’ll ever have a garden, this will be the first tree I’ll plant there. I think it looks very nice and kinda exotic.

The edinle fig fruit develops as a hollow, fleshy structure called the synconium, internally lined with numerous tiny flowers. Altough commonly called a fruit, the synconium is botanically an infructenscense, a type of multiple fruit. Flowers bloom inside a cup-like structure, and they later become small single seeded fruits. The mature syconium stem develops into a fleshy false fruit bearing lots of one-seeded, tiny stone fruits. I never saw a blooming Ficus carica, but I hope I will. Soon. I am very curious about the whole transformation process. The whole fig fruits are about 3 cm big, their skin is green, but sometimes they can ripen toward a purpleish brown.

Tihany, Hungary, 2019

Lately, figs became the light motive of our summer holidays somehow. 🤭


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