Don’t “Mars” My Dogs

Mars. If you are a dog owner in Romania I’m sure you are familiar with this word. It has nothing to do with the planet Mars, it’s just how people adress dogs when they want to shoo them away. It’s probably the most hated word in my vocabulary. I have goosebumps when it is told to my dogs, and I lose my temper almost every time. Unfortunately, it happens quite often…

A few days ago I was walking with Pesto & Riso (Frizz was on his way to the vet with Erno so they couldn’t join us), when I heard the m word again. We were on the hills on our way to the forest, about 5m away from a group of people: a woman in her thirties, her 2 year old son and her mother. Or her mother in law. Whatever. When she saw me and my dogs she started to scream and raise her hands, being prepared to hit the dogs if they’ll go any closer. The situation was totally under control as my dogs were still minding their own business (which obviously some people are not capable of), without the slightest intention of going closer to these people. So I asked the woman to put her hands down, trying to calm her down telling her that Pesto grew up with children and that Riso is a puppy himself, therefore they mean no harm to them especially not to her son. But she was hysterical. She wanted to hit the dogs, then she also wanted to hit me. She was threatening me with calling the police if I don’t leave and so on. As I was on the phone with Erno, he heard everything and he decided to come back immediately to help me when it started to become serious. He tried to talk to them too but the woman was simply out of her mind. She started to push Erno away while yelling at him, scaring the shit out of her own child. Poor kid was terrified and he started crying… It broke my heart… What kind of a person would act like a monster in front of her child, her mother and other people she doesn’t even know? I’m not proud of how I reacted either. I also lost my temper big time. But I’m so done with being threatened, insulted and even attacked just because I’m walking my dogs. Peacefully. In nature. I’m obviously not doing that to run into stupid idiots and argue with them.

The fact that people (especially here in Romania) are afraid of dogs just makes me sad… But the fact that they don’t know how to handle situations like these, how to avoid conflict instead of generating it, is not simply sad, but also really dangerous. I mean… my dogs were not leashed because I can trust them. Because I can handle them in any situation. But that’s not always the case. Some people are not so in control of their dogs in situations like this. Plus, to be fair, to protect is the most natural reaction a dog can ever have. If someone acts like this, dogs can get scared, and then they could attack. Dogs, even if they are calm and trustful would totally attack in situations when they feel that they or their owners are in danger… Let me put it this way: if you are afraid of fire, you don’t play with fire, right? So if someone is afraid of dogs why would she provoke them? Why?! 😭

I really hope this information will find its way to those who need to read it. If you are afraid of dogs and meet one on your way don’t “mars” them. Instead just:

  • Stay calm.
  • Don’t become agressive towards the dog.
  • Don’t ever raise your voice.
  • Don’t make a scene.
  • Don’t make any sudden moves.
  • Talk to the owner.
  • Ask them to leash their dogs, nicely. No one gets offended by that. Dog owners are civilized people as well.

Learn to coexist with dogs and dog owners. We are not aliens, but sometimes we do feel like we are walking an elephant… 🙄 And please don’t “mars” my dogs!


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